BTS at the White House: Press release explored as K-Pop sensation is set to meet President Joe Biden

BTS at the UN General Assembly (Image via @bts_bighit/twitter)
BTS at the UN General Assembly (Image via @bts_bighit/twitter)

BTS will be joining United States President Joe Biden for a special conversation regarding Asian inclusion and representation. The discussion will take place at the White House to commemorate the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

The Korean delegation will visit the White House on Tuesday, May 31, to discuss issues such as Asian representation and the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes.

According to the press release, Biden and BTS will discuss diversity and inclusion, as well as how BTS has used their global platform to spread these messages. More information regarding the event will be released soon by the White House.

BTS will join the President of the United States for a discussion on Asian diversity and inclusion

As per the press release, the septet and President Biden will talk about "the importance of diversity and inclusion." In the statement, Biden also acknowledged the group's role as youth ambassadors, "spreading a message of hope and positivity around the world." The discussion will take place on the last day of the AANHPI month.

Last May, Biden also signed into law the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, which established a position within the Justice Department dedicated to anti-Asian hate crimes and allocated resources to improve state and local reporting.

The group's appearance alongside Biden will be the White House's latest event to mark the month-long celebration. The White House has been enlisting the help of celebrities to highlight various social issues. Selena Gomez joined First Lady Jill Biden last week at an event to raise awareness about mental health. Paris Hilton also visited the White House earlier in the month to discuss her advocacy for the protection of youth in residential programs with administration officials.

The group has always used their platform to speak up against violence

BTS has always been at the forefront of speaking out against injustice. They had earlier expressed concern over the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes in 2021. In their statement on Twitter, they mentioned,

"We recall instances of discrimination we faced as Asians. We've been called expletives for no reason and mocked for our appearance. We were even asked why Asians communicated in English. We oppose racial discrimination. We oppose violence. We all have the right to be respected, including you and me. We will stand as one.”

They are also the frontrunners of the 'LOVE YOURSELF' campaign, alongside UNICEF, to speak out against violence, and have previously delivered speeches at the United Nations General Assembly three times, emphasizing the importance of an inclusive world that accepts everyone. They have also been one of the biggest supporters of Black Lives Matter (BLM). They also donated $1 million to the cause, which was matched by ARMYs within 25 hours.

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