Who was Kim Tae-hyung chasing, Yeontan or toxic ex? Blue MV theory explored as fans come up with hilarious interpretations

Featuring Kim Tae-hyung (Image via Bighit Entertainment)
Kim Tae-hyung (Image via Bighit Entertainment)

On September 12, 2023, BTS' Kim Tae-hyung released the highly-anticipated Blue music video, sparking a frenzy on social media as fans began weaving various narratives about the video's storyline. Blue serves as the final music video from Kim Tae-hyung for his debut album Layover. He has previously several released music videos for the album, including Love Me Again, Rainy Days, and Slow Dancing, all of which received immense love from his fans.

In the Blue music video, V is depicted as desperately trying to contact someone while driving his car. He is even knocking at their door continuously, seemingly receiving no response.

Upon the video's release, ARMYs initially struggled to fully grasp its meaning. However, theories soon began to surface, with one interpretation suggesting that V was chasing his toxic ex, while another posited that he was attempting to rescue his pet Yeontan, who was held hostage by the same toxic ex.

ARMYs assert that Kim Tae-hyung aimed to regain custody of Yeontan from his toxic ex in Blue mv

In the Blue music video, Kim Tae-hyung attempts to contact someone via his phone while driving to their house. Upon arriving, he incessantly knocks on the door, but no one answers. In his quest to find the keys beneath the flower pots, he comes up empty-handed and eventually retreats.

Subsequently, it becomes apparent that the idol revisits this location multiple times, encountering someone who continues to be unresponsive. On one occasion, as he searches for the keys beneath the flower pot, he observes a security guard emerging from another door, adjusting his clothing.

Kim Tae-hyung's melancholic expression is evident as he chases the guard but fails to catch him. Later, he sadly sits on a swing while a woman releases Yeontan towards him.

In the first theory conceived by ARMYs, it is suggested that the Rainy Days singer attempts to regain custody of his pet dog, Yeontan, from his ex. Hence, he makes repeated visits to his ex's house. On the day he cannot locate the keys, he spots the security guard, seemingly holding the keys, and attempts to pursue him down the stairs but fails to keep up, as the security guard escapes.

Eventually, his toxic ex releases Yeontan, returning his custody to Kim Tae-hyung, while he sits in melancholy on a swing.

In another theory, some fans believe he wishes to reconcile with his ex and continuously attempts to contact her, receiving no response. However, one day, he catches his ex cheating on him with the security person, leaving him heartbroken.

Meanwhile, the final scene where Yeontan approaches him has been interpreted by ARMYs as symbolizing comfort and an unconditional bond between V and Yeontan. As fans noted, this can be understood as being in contrast to human relationships that can be corrupted by worldly pleasures, as suggested in the second narrative.

Certain fans have also humorously suggested that Kim Tae-hyung may have simply lost the apartment key and was trying to save Yeontan. Meanwhile, others are of the opinion that the security guard may have taken Yeontan with him.

Undoubtedly, the music video's ambiguity, coupled with Kim Tae-hyung's exceptional acting in his 80s rockstar grunge outfit, portrays a character desperately attempting to retrieve his pet dog Yeontan or reconcile with his ex.

ARMYs have been complimenting him for perfectly committing to his character once again, showcasing the many facets of actor V.

The video's enigmatic elements have fostered a personal connection with viewers as they endeavor to decode the theories on social media.

In other news, the Love Me Again singer is set to perform Blue on NPOP on September 13, 2023.

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