Fans ship Bryce Hall and Riley Hubatka after duo kiss in latest vlog 

Image via Instagram / brycehall / Image via Instagram / defnoodles / Image via Instagram / rileyhubatka
Image via Instagram / brycehall / Image via Instagram / defnoodles / Image via Instagram / rileyhubatka

After months of speculation on whether Bryce Hall is dating longtime friend Riley Hubatka, the two shared a kiss in Hall's latest vlog.

In July 29th's vlog titled "We did it for the first time," Hall depicts his day, including friendly stunts, before going to a sparring session against Vitor Belfort. Towards the end of the five-minute vlog, Hall makes a reference to the Rocky films, asking where his Adrian was.

"Remember I haven't kissed her for the vlog yet?"
"Should I do it just because you lost?"
"I'm feeling like shit because I lost so now..."

Bryce Hall leans in and kisses Riley Hubatka quickly before friends begin exclaiming in surprise. The kiss is the latest in speculation that the two longtime friends are dating.

Fans react to Bryce Hall kissing Riley Hubatka

Bryce Hall previously dated Addison Rae, a fellow TikTok star and friend of Riley Hubatka. In late June 2021, when asked about their relationship through a TikTok comment, Bryce Hall referred to Riley Hubatka as his sister before jokingly leaning in to kiss her and Hubatka walking away.

On July 24th, Bryce Hall referred to Riley Hubatka's latest post on Instagram, following ex-girlfriend Addison Rae commenting on it. The comment was quickly deleted. Rae did not comment on anything regarding Bryce Hall, nor did Hubatka's post mention Hall by name.

According to TikTok, Bryce Hall had recorded videos with Hubatka with the same sound he previously recorded with Rae. Some fans took that as a possible hint into their relationship status.

Throughout their friendship, fans of the pair have commented on whether or not they were dating. Their kiss has left many netizens "shipping" the two together.

Users on Twitter began commenting on Bryce Hall's announcement tweet for his latest vlog.

One user commented:

"The kiss was cute. My 8-year-old son [does] the same to girls in playground."

The video clip was shared on Instagram by user defnoodles and has received over three thousand views. Users on Instagram also commented on the chaste kiss between Riley Hubatka and Bryce Hall.

A user commented:

"He's glowing. Good for him. Hope he's out of that dark cloud he was in."

Another user stated:

"If he's happy, that's all that matters."

Neither Hall nor Hubatka has commented on the kiss or the unanswered status of their relationship at this time.

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