Fans are upset with 'Girls Planet 999' new voting system as it puts non-Korean contestants at a disadvantage

'Girls Planet 999' Planet Master Yeo Jin Goo poster (Imager via Twitter/@MnetKR)
'Girls Planet 999' Planet Master Yeo Jin Goo poster (Imager via Twitter/@MnetKR)

Mnet revealed a ‘one-pick’ voting system for the finale of Girls Planet 999 during their semi-finals round. This is the third and final time the show has changed its voting system. This particular change raised concerns among fans as it could drastically turn the tables.

Some believe the new voting system puts the Japanese and Chinese contestants at a disadvantage, given that Korean fans mostly pick Korean group. This sentiment is backed up by statistics of the survival drama.

'Girls Planet 999' reveals the final voting system

The new voting system announced by Mnet allows the audience to use their one vote to support one out of 18 candidates. With one vote across all the trainees, fans believe non-Korean contestants are at a disadvantage.

Voting for the final debut lineup for Girls Planet 999 is split into two parts. The first round of voting is already open on the UNIVERSE app until October 22, 10:00 am KST. The second round will start during the live stream later on the same day, October 22.

As per the rules, the votes are calculated by considering 50% Korean and 50% international votes. The outcome of this has been that Japanese and Chinese group members dominated the top nine seats.

In the previous voting system, the audience had to choose one contestant from each group - Korean, Japanese and Chinese. But the new voting system eliminates that diversity. This has raised concerns among international audiences of the show.

The concern stems from fans seeing a one-pick voting system gone wrong. In the boy group of the same show, Mnet similarly changed the voting system to the one-pick system in the finale. Seven out of 12 final trainees were Japanese, but only three survived. Fans attributed the massive drop to a change in the voting system.

In Girls Planet 999’s, nine contestants of the 18 contestants were from Japanese and Chinese groups. Even in the top nine of episode 11, six contestants are Japanese or Chinese.

According to the ranks, the 18 finalists of Girls Planet 999 are:

Shen Xiao Ting, Kim Da Yeon, Sakamoto Mashiro, Ezaki Hikaru, Choi Yu Jin, Kawaguchi Yurina, Nonaka Shana, Fu Ya Ning, Seo Young Eun, Su Rui Qi, Kim Chae Hyun, Kang Ye Seo, Huening Bahiyyih, Wen Zhe, Kim Bo Ra, Hwang Xing Qiao, Kim Su Yeon, and Guinn Myah (Planet Pass)

The finale for Girls Planet 999 will be live-streamed on YouTube and iQIYI on Friday, October 22.

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