(G)I-DLE receives incredible response for stunning comeback concept photos for Nxde

(G)I-DLE's latest concept teasers for comeback album I love earn praise (Image via Twitter/G_I_DLE)

(G)I-DLE is going all out in a refreshing way for their latest comeback, I love, and it’s paying off.

On September 30, the girl group released teasers for Nxde, the title track of their upcoming album. The teasers, which included a sketch film and an artwork poster, offered a glimpse into the all-new look fans can expect on the album.

The five members bare it all for a captivating experience in the sketch film. Although the teasers don't contain any obscene shots, the artists' decision to bare it all is something rarely seen in the K-pop industry. Comments under the Twitter post were full of praise and surprise.


Netizens described them as "bold," "unconventional," and "breaking the stereotypical image of the K-pop world." Many even reiterated that the girl group cemented their position as the Queens of Concept.

"I will take it all off": (G)I-DLE member Soyeon’s concept meeting for Nxde gains praise

The girl group who broke stereotypes with their TOMBOY comeback successfully last time, (G)I-DLE, is back to doing the same but with increased stakes. A recent episode of the variety show I Live Alone gave fans an insight into the inception of the most revealing concept they have ever done.

(G)I-DLE's latest comeback, titled I love, is a powerful message about choosing themselves over anyone who might dislike them. The monochromatic sketch film shows the members basking in their raw beauty. The video begins with "How do I look?" and proceeds to shots of the members' bodies as they slip off their clothes. Its concept is one that screams power, confidence, freedom, and body autonomy.

Soyeon, the group's leader, revealed the idea behind the message by saying that she wanted to break stereotypes.

(G)I-DLE is one of the few female self-producing idol groups. Watching Soyeon take charge of the new comeback idea and declaring in a room full of 10 employees that she wants to take it off was praised as a power move. Soyeon is also the sole writer of a majority of the girl group’s songs, while regularly participating as both a co-lyricist and co-producer.

The outcome of the meeting would have been positive, since TOMBOY members brought an unconventional concept to mainstream K-pop music.

The artwork poster was released along with the sketch film, and it also gained much attention. It opened the discussion of (G)I-DLE's exemplary concepts over the years.

While some K-pop groups weave a large story, some groups (who have the autonomy to) present fans with new perspectives. The LATATA group falls in the latter category. With I love’s concept, they have upped their respect in the K-pop fandom even more.

Take a look at some of the fans’ reactions below:

I love is (G)I-DLE’s second release of the year. Their first release was in March, titled I Never Die, which was also their first studio album. I love, featuring the title track, Nxde will be released on October 17 at 6:00 pm KST.

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