"Getting out of hand": Sasaeng attacks at NCT's Mark and Taeyong concerns fans

NCT's Mark and Taeyong face sasaeng attacks (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127)

NCT's Mark and Taeyong were recently victims of sasaeng (obsessive fans) attacks. On April 24, fans discovered that a sasaeng leaked Taeyong's personal address while being active on Twitter Space as they pretended to be a delivery person and pranked the idol.

A video of Mark chasing a taxi was also circulated around the internet. Upon exploring the context of the video, it was revealed that sasaengs who camped outside NCT's dorm stole the idol's cab right when he was about to get into it in order to know the destination he was headed to. Fans speculated that the video was most likely shot by the rest of the sasaengs camping outside his dorm.

Angered fans request SM Entertainment to take action in light of increased sasaeng attacks on NCT's Mark and Taeyong

Only a month ago, after much demand from fans, SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding the increased sasaeng attacks on NCT members and also warned against legal action upon the continuation of the same. While fans hoped this would reduce sasaeng incidents, the contrary being the case has left them concerned.

Shortly after SM Entertainment's statement was released, the number of cases regarding sasaengs attacking NCT members reduced. However, when people came across the Twitter space, they were shocked to see individuals leaking Taeyong's address. They later also found out that the same Twitter space has been prank-calling many K-pop idols in an effort to leak their addresses.

Though fans couldn't prevent this address from being leaked, they've been taking efforts to stop the spread of the same by reporting all tweets and posts about such personal information. Additionally, they've also been consistently reporting the account that carried out the malicious act while simultaneously warning other K-pop fandoms about the account's activities.

A recent video also featured NCT's Mark chasing a cab he had booked, which was stolen by a sasaeng. The clip disturbed and angered fans across the world. Since his personal space has been intruded on several occasions, fans have been concerned about the lack of security and protection for the idol's well-being.

After the video came to light, fans refrained from circulating it since it was most likely taken by a sasaeng and invaded NCT's Mark's privacy.

With a mountain of concerning cases of sasaengs attacking NCT members, Taeyong went on to Bubble to address the same, saying:

"There has not been a not-so-big big deal recently. But I'm fine, You guys don't have to worry so much."

Regardless, fans have been concerned about the safety of NCT's Mark and Taeyong. Ever since the new cases, their persistence about SM Entertainment taking tangible and legal action to protect their artists and hold the sasaengs accountable for their actions has only increased.

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