“They are really selfish”: NCT’s Taeyong calls out sasaengs for invading his privacy on live stream

NCT's leader Taeyong once again calls out sasaengs in frustration on live stream (Image via Instagram/taeoxo_nct)

NCT’s Taeyong called out sasaengs (toxic, obsessive fans) in his recent Instagram live stream on October 27, 2022. The heated response was prompted when a sasaeng kept on contacting him on his mobile incessantly.

The 27-year-old NCT leader looked visibly upset and exhausted during the continuous phone calls. This is not the first time the idol has explicitly talked about being stressed because of such toxic fans. He also mentioned in the Instagram live that this kind of behavior "really stresses" him out.

As per Twitter user @TyonggTyongg, NCT’s Taeyong said:

“Don't call me, it really stresses me out. The people who called are the minority but they are really selfish. I really don’t know why they do such a selfish thing just for their own gain. Don't call me.”

Fans were disgruntled at watching Taeyong suffer at the cost of sasaengs. They expressed their anger at them on Twitter and even requested SM Entertainment to take action against the sasaengs.

Live stream of NCT’s Taeyong marred by toxic fans’ continuous phone calls

NCT is one of the many groups that have been victims of sasaeng phone calls, stalking, and invasion of privacy on several occasions. The group’s leader, Taeyong, was unfortunately targeted yet again. This time, he was being subjected to harassment in front of thousands of people during his Instagram live stream. While in the past, idols hardly disclosed their sasaeng troubles, times have changed.

NCT’s Taeyong took it upon himself to once again call out toxic fans who kept on intruding upon his privacy by calling him continuously on October 27, 2022. The idol had switched on the live stream to hang out with fans and give them a few updates and stories about his life.

At one point, he requested that whoever was calling him stop doing so, and went on to add that they were being selfish. He added that even though people who call him are in the minority, it stresses him out.

NCTzens took to Twitter to express their anger at those who tried contacting him. Take a look at some of the comments below:

Moreover, NCT’s Taeyong also mentioned in the live stream that he planned a surprise song for fans. He was meant to upload it to SoundCloud earlier but promised to release it after the group’s concert in Indonesia, scheduled for November 11, 2022.

Korean entertainment enthusiasts revel South Korea’s anti-stalking law

On October 20, 2022, the South Korean government brought into effect the anti-stalking law.

By law, stalking has become a crime with up to three years in prison and a fine of 30 million KRW (approximately 21,200 USD). If a stalker is caught with a dangerous object, the punishment increases to 50.0 million KRW (approximately 35,400 USD) and up to five years of imprisonment.

Korean entertainment fans, especially global K-pop fans, celebrated the news. Stalkers are dangerous for every person, whether they are celebrities or not. With such cases increasing in the K-pop industry recently, people around the world believe that the law will help decrease stalking incidents.

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