ATINYs find sasaengs selling ATEEZ’s personal information, join hands in mass-reporting

K-pop group ATEEZ (Image via Ateez Official/Instagram)
K-pop group ATEEZ (Image via Ateez Official/Instagram)

On October 28, KQ Entertainment released a statement announcing strict legal action against sasaengs (toxic, obsessive fans) who installed location device trackers on ATEEZ’s vehicles. As fans dug deeper, they found multiple sasaeng Twitter accounts selling the group’s private pictures and phone numbers.

ATEEZ fans, called ATINY, found out that some of the private photos were as old as last year. The fandom has now come together to mass-report these accounts and figure out the person(s) behind them.

Sasaengs illegally sell ATEEZ’s phone numbers and pictures, fans request agency to take action

Sasaengs have plagued the K-pop industry for decades. While some idols ridicule and warn them outright, many remain tightlipped and let the law take its course. ATEEZ and KQ Entertainment fall into the latter category.

Recently, ATINYs found several sasaengs selling the group’s private information online. This data ranges from locations to pictures to even contact numbers.

They’ve also discovered multiple toxic fansites that indulge in invading the group’s privacy and have joined hands with the global fandom to send emails to KQ Entertainment with all the evidence.

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KQ Entertainment starts police investigation against sasaengs infringing ATEEZ’s privacy

KQ Entertainment primarily deals with the sasaengs by blacklisting and prohibiting visits, but things have worsened recently.

On October 28, the agency stated that they found a location tracking device installed on one of ATEEZ’s business vehicles. They have handed over the evidence to the police and have requested them to track the culprit down.

The organization also stated that there would be no leniency or negotiation in terms of punishment.

The company also assured fans of the continuation of the blacklist system and requested them to send any malicious activity they find on their email to better protect the rights of the K-pop outfit. Fans can read the entire statement in English here.

Meanwhile, followers are concerned about the growing sasaeng activities, as the band has become one of the most prominent fourth-generation K-pop groups. Although toxic fan culture is a part-and-parcel of the industry, they are worried about the idols’ mental health.

More so because Mingi, the group’s rapper, recently returned from his eight-month hiatus due to experiencing extreme anxiety. Additionally, they have also requested the agency to include more bodyguards for the artists’ safety.

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