SM Entertainment releases statement regarding sasaengs following NCT Haechan's house being trespassed

SM Entertainment releases statement on NCT Haechan
SM Entertainment releases statement on NCT Haechan's sasaeng incident (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127)

On March 6, 2023, SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding the behavior of sasaengs, particularly pertaining to NCT Haechan. Among several revelations made by the agency, fans were most shocked to learn that Haechan's family house was broken into last year in November by a sasaeng.

While some actions were taken against the same, since the idol wasn't willing to press any charges, the culprit didn't face any serious legal consequences.

Since there have been quite a handful of incidents concerning sasaengs invading the personal space of NCT members, SM Entertainment is fixed on taking serious action against the same. Their two-page statement has explained in detail the legal actions they'll be taking on cases that have occurred so far and ones that might happen in the future, as a warning to sasaengs.

While fans have always been upset with SM's lack of security and protection for its artists, they're happy to see them finally take some action.

SM Entertainment releases official statement warning sasaengs with legal action following the trespassing of NCT Haechan's house

Under their statement titled, "We Are Advising In Regards To The Violation Of NCT's Private Lives," the label described many instances where NCT members were compelled to sacrifice their privacy due to sasaengs.

There have been many instances of stalking members during their private schedules, calling them, leaking personal information, meeting them at private locations, and spreading rumors.

Taking these instances into account, SM Entertainment released a statement detailing their stance on these occurrences:

"Members are suferring from continuous unauthorized visits to places related to NCT members' daily lives, following vehicles, excessive contact or filming members in airport security areas, illegally acquiring personal information and attempting to contact them, and spreading malicious rumors."

They continued by revealing for the first time about NCT Haechan's incident with a sasaeng,

"In particlar, at the end of November last year, there was a so-called sasaeng intrusion into NCT Haechan's house. As Haechan is staying with his family, not only Haechan but also his family are complaining of considerable mental damage due to the incident."

The statement continued,

"The sasaeng who broke into the house was prosecuted by the prosecution."

It was also revealed that although Haechan wasn't interested in pressing further charges towards the tresspasser, he was willing to disclose this information in order to reveal the seriousness of the artist's privacy and warn people against the recurrence of the same. SM Entertainment also continued to explain how damaging the situation was to NCT Haechan.

"We would like to reiterate that this is not an act of interest to the artist, but a stalking crime that instills fear in the artist and seriously harms not only you (sasaengs) but also your family and acquaintances, and your privacy. One should stop infringing on the artist's privacy immediately."

They concluded by saying,

"We will take strong legal measure by all means we can proceed, so please be careful not to get involved in unsavory matters. We will continue to do our best to protect artists."

Fans furious over sasaengs breaking into NCT Haechan's house and repeatedly invading artists' privacy

Following the statement and the disclosure of the shocking incident in which NCT Haechan was victimized, fans had a number of opinions to share on the same. Many were shocked to learn the extent to which the sasaeng behavior has grown and are deeply concerned for the security of NCT members.

With SM Entertainment bent on taking serious action against the increasing number of sasaeng incidents, fans are happy to learn that people will soon be punished for their behavior, and hope that it will put an end to sasaengs invading idols' privacy.

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