"GOLDEN MAKNAE IS COMING": ARMY's elated as BTS' Jungkook unveils his release schedule for upcoming single Seven

BTS' Jungkook releases promotional schedule for his new single Seven (image via pinterest/Cooky_pics and twitter/jeonjkclips)

BTS fans worldwide are overjoyed as Bighit Entertainment recently unveiled the highly anticipated schedule for Jungkook's upcoming digital single, Seven. The excitement started brewing when Jungkook himself announced the new single just a couple of days ago on June 29, with the official release date set for July 14, 2023.

The new track is said to have two different versions, one clean and another explicit. The official promotional photos of Seven were seen in the form of posters on the streets of Paris, Chicago, and Bangkok.

"Loving the concept" - Fans over the moon as Jungkook shares release schedule for Seven

The schedule shared by Bighit Entertainment outlines a series of exciting promotional activities that left fans over the moon. It was announced that Jungkook's previously unveiled hits, Still With You and My You would officially release on July 3.

The second highlight of the schedule was the release of a short film on July 6, which will provide fans with a glimpse into the artistic concept surrounding the single, Seven. The third announcement was about the release of behind-the-scenes footage on July 7, which will feature exciting exclusive content.

Next up, on July 10, fans can look forward to a preview of the recording film for Seven. The highly anticipated official teaser will then release on July 12, giving fans a taste of what's to come in terms of music and visuals.

The big day arrives on July 14, when the music video for Seven will be released, bewitching fans with its stunning visuals, music, and storyline. Just a day later, on July 15, fans will be treated to a performance video, showcasing Jungkook's exceptional dance skills through energetic choreography.

Fans were sent into a frenzy when a picture was uploaded along with the schedule, featuring Jungkook shirtless. Although the image only featured his side profile with his hand holding his blazer, it hinted at the possibility that fans would see him shirtless in the new song. This hint, combined with the excitement surrounding the news of the track caused Jungkook to trend on Twitter, sparking a wave of enthusiastic reactions among fans.

Wrapping up the promotional activities, Bighit Entertainment has scheduled the release of the recording film on July 25. It will offer a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on the making of Seven. With this exciting schedule in place, BTS fans will go on an overwhelming journey with Jungkook as he brings his artistry to the forefront, enchanting listeners with his talent and charisma.

Jungkook's recent activities

Recently, Jungkook, along with his fellow BTS members Jimin and V, attended Suga's concert, delighting fans with their presence and showing support for their bandmate. They arrived at SUGA's June 25 Agust D D-DAY concert in Seoul and clips from the event went viral online. Fans were also overjoyed when SUGA gave the trio a shoutout and appreciated their presence at his concert.

Fans now eagerly await further updates and announcements about Jungkook's solo project and can't wait to see what the idol brings to the table with the upcoming release.

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