"Good job captain": Below Deck Adventure fans laud Captain Kerry after he fires Kyle Dickard in episode 3

Kyle Dickard from Below Deck Adventure (Image via Instagram/@dr.dickard)
Kyle Dickard from Below Deck Adventure (Image via Instagram/@dr.dickard)

Bravo's Below Deck Adventure returned for an all-new episode on Tuesday night, and it was shocking as the least likable crew member, Kyle Dickard, finally got fired from the yacht for his behavior.

The official synopsis for this week's episode reads,

"Lewis warns Kyle that his bad behavior has Capt. Kerry on high alert; when the Mercury engines fail, Kerry has to rely on his young deck crew to execute a precarious docking."

This week, Kyle took things to a whole other level after he threatened Nathan with violence. This didn't sit well with Captain Kerry once he heard of this. The Captain was already planning on writing Kyle up for his inappropriate behavior, but with the violent threat, things were starting to get out of hand, and the Below Deck Adventure captain knew that it would need to be stopped.

The #BelowDeckAdventure crew delivers the best service AND winter looks 👏🤩

Towards the end of the episode, Captain Kerry first sat down with Lewis Bosun and spoke to him about Kyle's behavior. While Lewis tried to pacify things, Captain Kerry had already decided and announced that Kyle was fired from the vessel.

Bye kyle! Good job captain! Lewis, grow up. #BelowDeckAdventure

Fans who witnessed Kyle's departure from Below Deck Adventure were overjoyed and took to social media to share their opinions. Many also praised Captain Kerry for finally firing Kyle.

"Glad he left": Below Deck Adventure fans are happy with Captain Kerry's decision to fire Kyle

Taking to Twitter, fans appreciated Captain Kerry's decision to fire Kyle. Fans were also happy that Kyle would no longer be on the show. Some fans also added that they were fans of Captain Kerry for letting Kyle go at the beginning.

Kyle is f**ing annoying! Glad he left! Done…. #BelowDeckAdventure
#BelowDeckAdventureWe will miss you Kyle…..said no one ever…..
@SamMatt44 Embarrassing is right! And Kyle’s behavior makes me suspect that his mom being in and out of jail was probably not solely because one lady lied about her stealing her horse. #BelowDeckAdventure
Capt Sandy would never handle a situation as good as this Captain did. This Kyle guy was unbearable to watch. #BelowDeckAdventure
So happy Kyle is gone! Love this for Nathan 👏🏽👏🏽 #BelowDeckAdventure
Okay, Captain Kerry. You’ve got a fan. He handled the Kyle situation perfectly. #BelowDeckAdventure
Captain Kerry handled Kyle very nicely #BelowDeckAdventure
Bye kyle! Good job captain! Lewis, grow up. #BelowDeckAdventure
I’m so glad Captain Kerry made Kyle resign. I’ve seen too many people on this series get way too many chances #BelowDeckAdventure
Lewis was a jerk too for saying Nathan should have come to him so they could work it out. There is no working it out with Kyle. He left absolutely taking no responsibility for his actions. Shows there was no fixing anything. #BelowDeckAdventure

Here's a brief recap on what happened this week on Below Deck Adventure episode 3

While the episode started on a lighter note this week, it surely didn't end with one. Kyle Dickard and Nathan share a bunk. Subsequently, when Nathan woke up in the morning, he noticed that Kyle had used the washroom but hadn't flushed the toilet. When he questioned Kyle about his actions, Kyle paid no heed but went on to threaten the Below Deck Adventure star with violence.

This made Nathan worry for his safety. Towards the end of the episode, Nathan went up directly to Captain Kerry and opened up about the entire ordeal between him and Kyle. He told the Captain that he wanted to switch rooms because he didn't feel safe with Kyle, especially after he threatened him.

Captain Kerry was taken aback by the news, but he assured Nathan that strict action would be taken against Kyle. The Below Deck Adventure captain shared that he had already planned on writing up Kyle for misbehaving in front of the guests, and now this just made matters worse.

Soon after, Captain sat down with bosun Lewis to reveal what Kyle had been up to. He said:

"Today Nathan (Morley) was really upset because Kyle started threatening him with violence."

Lewis just shared that he was a bit upset by the news but didn't show that big of a reaction.

All hands on deck! Find out how the #BelowDeckAdventure crew handles the first dramatic docking of the season on an all new episode Tuesday at 9/8c👀

Lewis shared,

"I was going to save him but he is the most experienced and I would have liked him to become lead deckhand. I mentioned it to him that if could behave more professionally — it is his to lose.”

Captain Kerry replied,

"So when I bring this up with Kyle, he has the right to explain himself. But these actions are grounds for instant dismissal."

The Captain then finally had a talk with Kyle and told him that he was fired, but he could put down his resignation and make it look like he was leaving on his own terms.

Below Deck Adventure airs every Tuesday at 9 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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