Han So-hee shares how filming Soundtrack #1 reminded her of her own “unrequited love”

Han So-hee found that her Soundtrack #1 character is very similar to her (Image via Disney Plus Korea/Instagram)
Han So-hee found that her Soundtrack #1 character is very similar to her (Image via Disney Plus Korea/Instagram)
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After the massive success of the action-thriller My Name, actress Han So-hee is all set to return to the small screen in the light-hearted romantic drama Soundtrack #1 opposite Park Hyung-sik. The drama tells the story of Han Seon-woo and Lee Eun-soo, who have been best friends for the last 20 years.

But circumstances soon test the foundation of their friendship as the two are forced to live together for two weeks. Romance blooms between them as they discover feelings for each other they never felt before.

It remains to be seen whether they will confess their love for each other, as in a recent interview, Han So-hee has revealed that the drama is like a reminder of her own experience of “unrequited love” when she was younger.

Han So-hee explains how the drama mirrors her youth

In a recent interview with Star Today (translated by Soompi), So-hee revealed that when she was filming Soundtrack #1, the romantic storyline of a love blossoming between two friends made her reminisce about her past experience of facing “unrequited love” in her youth.

“It’s a drama that made me look back on the youthful feelings of unrequited love from when I was young and remember how I was back then.”

Han So-hee and her Soundtrack #1 character, Lee Eun-soo

Later in the interview, So-hee addressed that she is both “nervous and delighted” for the show’s release as her character in it is not only very different from the roles she has previously played but also “comes the closest to [her] personality.”

“She might seem simple, but she’s a character whose charm is that she’s honest and clear about her emotions. I felt that this aspect was her biggest charm.”

She continued:

“Eun Soo has a lot of similarities with my own real-life self. I actually paid attention to not going overboard with [Eun Soo’s] honest and bold personality in my acting, in order to avoid becoming a detriment to the expression of Sun Woo’s emotions.”

After Soundtrack #1, Han So-hee will be seen opposite Park Seo-joon in the upcoming drama, Gyeongseong Creature.

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