How did Chun Jung Ha die? Mouse, The King: Eternal Monarch actress found dead at home at 51

Late actress Chun Jung Ha (Image via Yonhap News)
Late actress Chun Jung Ha (Image via Yonhap News)
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South Korean actor Chun Jung Ha, 51, has passed away. She was known for her guest and support roles in Korean dramas. She was also a renowned theater actress.

Ha started acting in 1990 after graduating from Hongik University with a degree in History Education. During her time as a theater and stage actor, she did several stage plays, including Youth Yechan, Rat, Japan, Gray, Wolf Grows Eyeballs First, and Happy Young Day.

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How did Chun Jung Ha die?

According to Yonhap News, she was found dead at her home. The actress reportedly suffered low blood pressure. The cause of death was presumed to be due to kidney failure caused by hypotension.

At the time of reporting, her family had not released a statement following the actor's death. Naver reported that colleagues, including Oh Min Jeong, expressed their condolences over Ha's passing.

The funeral will be held on April 30 at 7:00 a.m. Korea Standard Time. The burial site will be in Ilsan.

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Chun Jung Ha's roles in Korean dramas

She moved to the small screen in 2006 through the drama "Coma," in which she played the support role of Hye Young's (Bae So Yeon) mother.

She recently played guest roles in popular Korean dramas such as Mouse Beyond Evil, Flower of Evil, More Than Friends, and the second season of Stranger.

In Mouse, she played the role of Na Chi Kook's (Lee Seo Joon) mother. Chi Kook is a high school friend of Lee Seung Gi's character, Jung Ba Reum, and a correctional officer.

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Ha appears in two Mouse episodes as Chi Kook's mother, who falls into a coma after being targeted by a serial killer. She last appeared in the mid-season finale for Mouse, which is currently on a brief hiatus.

In Beyond Evil, Ha played Maria's massage parlor manager in the eighth episode. In Flower of Evil, she played the role of a KCSI investigator.

She has also appeared in two episodes of the 2020 hit Korean drama, The King: Eternal Monarch, as the Yangsun Care Center manager.

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