How long have HyunA and DAWN dated? Relationship timeline explored as couple reveal surprise engagement

K-pop artists DAWN and HyunA (Image via @hyunah_aa/Instagram)
K-pop artists DAWN and HyunA (Image via @hyunah_aa/Instagram)

K-pop’s IT couple, HyunA and DAWN, have been on top of their game since going public with their relationship in 2018. The couple once again shook the K-pop world with a surprise engagement announcement on February 3, 2022.

Flaunting their rings and their love on their personal Instagram for years, it’s natural for K-pop stans to want to know more about one of the few open and talented K-pop idol couples.

HyunA and DAWN: Dating rumors, acknowledgment, and fan backlash

The 29-year-old HyunA and 27-year-old DAWN entered the K-pop industry at their own pace but swiftly took it by storm when they announced their relationship in public. The duo worked under the same company, CUBE Entertainment. HyunA was in the legendary second-generation female group 4Minute and also a soloist, and DAWN, formerly known as E’Dawn, was a member of PENTAGON.

The talented duo worked together in a three-member project group called Triple H, along with PENTAGON member Hui. The trio debuted in 2017. During the debut promotions, the internet was rife with rumors about the two members dating.

On August 2, 2018, South Korean news outlet TV Report stated that the two Triple H members had been dating for several months. Hours later on the same day, CUBE Entertainment denied the reports and called them groundless.

A day later, on August 3, 2018, Yonhap News reported that the couple had personally confirmed their relationship. They also shared that they had been dating for two years, since May 2016.

The same day, the 4Minute member uploaded screenshots of the Yonhap News report on her Instagram accoutnt and confirmed the same, allegedly much against the agency’s approval. The decision to publicly acknowledge despite a potential backlash was made because the couple did not want to fool their fans.

However, acknowledging the relationship personally caused trouble for the couple. On September 13, CUBE Entertainment released a statement announcing HyunA and DAWN’s removal from the agency. The agency cited issues of being unable to maintain trust and faith with the couple.

On the same day, the agency’s head, Shin Dae-nam, stepped back from the previous statement. He stated that nothing had been finalized and discussions were still taking place. Netizens believed the reason the agency went back on their words was because of the extreme backlash it faced from fans.

Fans believed the real reason for the couple’s removal was them announcing their relationship. Instead of supporting them, the agency deciding to remove them from the group did not sit well with fans. The backlash also brought in hope, showcasing a change in K-pop stans' mentality towards idol dating.

Hyuna had been with Cube for 11 years and they terminated her contract all because she fell in love and dated Dawn. I'm so happy that Psy signed them and they've been prospering ever since. This whole notion that idols can lose their careers for dating is frickin STUPID!
i hope cube is cryinggggg now that hyuna and dawn are engaged. you got rid of them for “secretly being together” and they’re still thriving together lmao
hyuna and dawn's relationship was stronger than cube idols staying together

A new beginning for the couple under P NATION

After multiple ups and downs, the couple attended a luxury brand’s event held in Gangnam as their first official event together on November 29, 2018. HyunA departed from the agency in October and DAWN in November 2018.

On January 27, 2019, the talented couple signed with PSY’s agency, P NATION. HyunA had previously worked with PSY and was the girl dancing alongside him in the sensational hit Gangnam Style.


The couple made their first public appearance on Knowing Bros in October 2019. The episode remains a fan favorite. In the episode, HyunA revealed that she was the first who liked DAWN and was the first to confess feelings. She even shared that she had been noticing him since his trainee days, which means before PENTAGON’s survival show in 2016.

The duo re-launched themselves as soloists under PSY and remain among the most famous K-pop soloists known for their funky, extraordinary, and daring concepts.

The couple have consistently spoken about how working under P NATION and PSY gives them freedom and relaxation. As per Soompi, during the promotions of their duet album 1+1=1, something they thought would never have been possible, they talked about PSY giving them advice. They shared,

“When we first began this album, he told us, ‘Really do what you guys want to do,’ and ‘I’ll trust you and leave it up to you,’ so we’re thankful he believed in us a lot.”

HyunA and DAWN continue to thrive in P NATION, as is evident with the duo being nominated and winning awards for their duet album and I’m Not Cool, written by them and PSY.

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