"How many excuses are they going to manufacture": Doe 107 trends as Jeffrey Epstein list release gets delayed

The release of Jeffrey Epstein
The release of Jeffrey Epstein's list of associates has been further delayed. (Image via X/ChuckCallesto/LyricVault)

The list of associates of convicted s*x offender and trafficker late Jeffrey Epstein, dubbed the Epstein list, was scheduled to be released on December 22, 2023. However, it was postponed as Doe 107, one of the individuals on the list, appealed to New York’s U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit not to release her name.

The day before the release, her attorney Richard Levitt wrote to U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska that his client Doe 107 “lives outside the United States in a culturally conservative country” and was “in fear of her name being released,” as reported by the Daily Beast.

Recently, the court document with Doe 107’s request went viral, following which netizens began to question whether or not the Epstein list will ever see the light of the day. In this regard, an X user commented under @charliekirk11’s tweet on the same, saying the postponement implied that false justifications were being fabricated.

“More pro-criminal bologna”: The internet reacts to the delay of Epstein list’s release

The now-viral image of the court document reveals that the reason why the Epstein list’s release got pushed back to January 22, 2024, was because Doe 107 filed a request for a 30-day extension, just a few hours before its initial release date of December 22, 2023.

Originally, the Epstein list was supposed to be released unredacted. As per the court documents, the woman reportedly stays outside the USA in a country where there is a “risk of physical harm.” Not only that, but as per the document, she received "hate mail" surrounding the matter.

The court documents further revealed that Doe 107 was allowed the extension and was ordered to submit an affidavit by January 22 supporting her claims. It also stated that the woman and her counsel may also provide any “additional factual support for Doe 107’s contention that unsealing the relevant records would put her at risk.”

In the wake of the latest development, the internet has been flooded with criticism for the involved parties and has demanded the immediate release of the Epstein list. Besides, many people have argued that perpetrators do not need to be protected when the victims are awaiting justice. However, as per WION, Doe 107 is another of Epstein's anonymous victims, whose name figures in the list of 170 names.

Doe 107 has even been trending on X ever since, with speculations about the reasons behind the delay in releasing the list. Here are some of the remarks in this regard from the comment section of @charliekirk11’s tweet.

It is noteworthy that Doe 107 was not part of the initial 150 names of associates and victims that were supposed to be released via the Epstein list. Instead, she was one of the anonymous parties, referred to as "Does,” and was offered a two-week timeline for objection ahead of the release.

Doe 107 put in a late request on the night of December 21, 2023, thus delaying the release. However, if the list is indeed published by the end of this month, a total of 170 names will be publicly revealed without retraction.

According to Business Insider, a few of the names on the list are speculated to be Bill Clinton (previously identified as Doe 36), Prince Andrew, Johanna Sjoberg, Glenn Dubin, and Jean Luc Brunel, among others.

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