Huening Bahiyyihโ€™s company revealed: IU's former and Weeekly's current talent agency

Huening Bahiyyih (Image via Twitter.@PlayM_Official)
Huening Bahiyyih (Image via Twitter.@PlayM_Official)
Afreen Khan

Huening Bahiyyihโ€™s fans had long been waiting to know which agency she would join, and they finally have an answer - Play M Entertainment. The company posted Huening Bahiyyihโ€™s photos and asked fans to support her by voting for her on the survival drama Girls Planet 999. The official release confirms that Huening Bahiyyih has chosen Play M Entertainment to represent her.

Which agency is Huening Bahiyyih under?

Since the news of Huening Bahiyyih wanting to be an idol was released online, fans have been waiting for her to join an agency and debut. Huening Bahiyyih has been working towards her dream as an independent trainee, but her talent finally has a home.


She previously passed auditions for YG Entertainment and BE: LIFT Lab, revealing her dance academy in 2020. However, she didn't move forward with any of them. The next thing fans heard about her was her participating in Mnet's survival show for a chance to debut in a girl group.

On October 19, Play M Entertainment revealed Huening Bahiyyih had joined their agency as a trainee by uploading Heuning Bahiyyih's photos and asking fans to support her on Girls Planet 999.

Play M Entertainment is a record label and talent agency under Kakao Entertainment which recently merged with Cre.ker Entertainment.

The agency is the current home of the After School group Weeekly, Apink, and VICTON. It was the former home of K-pop solo queen IU and School: 2015 actress Kim So Hyun.

The news of Huening Bahiyyih's agency has received mixed reactions. On the one hand, fans are happy she has finally found an agency she is confident about. However, fans believe Play M Entertainment lacks promotional skills, referring to the company's roster.

@PlayM_Official Better treat our Hiyyih playm I love this company because VICTON are there but the way u promote ur artist is not enough !!!
@PlayM_Official Please promote and protect our bahiyyih. She have a bright future ahead of her and I know she will keep on achieving many thing โค
@PlayM_Official 1.U have alot of stuff so better tell them to vote for bahiyyih2.remember to send her a nice and beautiful coffee truck than what mnet gave her3. Pay mnet so that she could have more screentime(optional) 4. Make sure that shell make her debut in this show++
@PlayM_Official Please promote Bahiyyih more harder, treat her well, don't think about taking her back because she has to debut on girls planet 999 first!
playm doesnt have the best promotion but their artists quality are great actually if you look at apink victon and weeeklyโ€ฆ

Some fans have also slammed the company for not promoting her in the past three months. The reply to these criticisms was taken care of by the other side of the fandom, who said that she might have recently joined the agency and can't promote her till the contract starts.

everyone thinking this girl was an individual trainee throughout a whole survival show bc her company never promoted herโ€ฆ welcome to play m huening bahiyyih fans!โ€ฆ
HUENING BAHIYYIH WAS UNDER PLAY M ENTERTAINMENT?!! they should have post it 3 months ago but tbey chose to post it 3 DAYS BEFORE THE FINALS
@PlayM_Official I see a lot of comments asking why they're only promoting her now but it's probably just because she just joined the company? ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ Companies can't promote someone who doesn't have a contract with them yet so maybe they just signed recently? ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Meanwhile, Huening Bahiyyih jumped eight places and landed in the Top 9 in the interim final ranking results on Girls Planet 999. The tables can turn anytime, and if she doesnโ€™t debut through the Mnet show, fans will have to wait a bit longer as Weeekly debuted last year under Play M Entertainment.


It isnโ€™t very likely for agencies to debut another group next year, as they take time to groom trainees and focus on the new group's promotions.

Girls Planet 999โ€™s finale will be live-streamed on October 22 on Mnetโ€™s official YouTube channel and iQIYI.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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