Girls Planet 999’s interim results heat Twitter as ranks change drastically

C-Group Shen Xiaoting and K-Group Kim Chaehyun Creation Mission teaser posters (Images via Twitter/@_girlsplanet999)
C-Group Shen Xiaoting and K-Group Kim Chaehyun Creation Mission teaser posters (Images via Twitter/@_girlsplanet999)
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On October 18, Mnet released shocking interim results ranking all 18 contestants of Girls Planet 999, leading to an uproar from international fans. The provisional ranks are based on the new voting system that fans predicted does injustice to Chinese and Japanese trainees and keeps Korean trainees an advantage.

Of the 18 contestants left, only nine will achieve their dream of debuting as a K-pop girl group. Non-Korean trainees such as Sakomoto Mashiro and Shen Xiaoting fell 11 and 15 ranks, respectively. In the interim Top 9, eight are Korean contestants.

Interim final rankings of Girls Planet 999 give shocking result: Eight Korean trainees rank in Top 9

In the semi-finals of Girls Planet 999, the show announced a ‘one pick voting system that allows fans to only vote for one member among all the trainees per day. The new system was criticized by many, as Korean votes are given more weightage. The calculations for the points are based on half international and half Korean votes - which, fans argued, puts non-Koreans at a disadvantage.

The fans' fear has come true. On October 18, four days before the finale, the final ranking interim results were revealed, which surprised everyone. The previous voting system required everyone to choose one from each group - Korean, Japanese, Chinese. Changing that to one-pick has drastically changed the game.

Here are the Top 9 for interim final rankings:

Kim Chaehyun (K-Group), Choi Yujin (K-Group), Kim Dayeon (K-Group), Seo Youngeun (K-Group), Huening Bahiyyih (K-Group), Kang Yeseo (K-Group), Kim Suyeon (K-Group), Guinn Myah (K-Group) and Su Ruiqi (C-Group)

This #GirlsPlanet999 interim ranking has me STRESSED! How can it be so drastically different?XiaoTing 1 ➡️ 16DaYeon 2 ➡️ 3Mashiro 3 ➡️ 14Hikaru 4 ➡️ 12YuJin 5 ➡️ 2Yurina 6 ➡️ 13Shana 7 ➡️ 15YaNing 8 ➡️ 10YoungEun 9 ➡️ 4

Out of the previous Top 9 positions, revealed in the semi-finals, only three remain in the new one, all Korean trainees. Six trainees were Japanese or Chinese in the individually ranked Top 9, with Shen Xiating (C-Group) taking the first place crown. Xiaoting has now dropped a whopping 15 ranks, landing upon the 16th. Third-ranked Sakamoto Mashiro placed 14th, showcasing the brutal voting power and upper hand of Korean fans.

girls planet 999 interim ranking without them ?? they deserve so much better, bye
that girls planet 999 interim ranking just announced and istg i will be an anti if it actually comes to a full K-group lineup with only one C-group girl😐 /hj
I can tell, even Mnet is shook now. That's why they released this interim result.Stick to your pick. Never assume your pick is safe. 3-pick and 1-pick are different ball game altogether.#GirlsPlanet999
You'll see how BIG the bias is in the current voting system of @_girlsplanet999.. If this interim TOP 9 will debut then they can kiss goodbye to their international audiences. 50% Korean votes vs 50% International Votes is bullshit tbh.

These unusual, slightly predicted yet shocking results come from the one-pick system and Korean fans preferring an all-Korean girl group. Fans also believe the half-half distribution is unfair and are voicing their concerns explicitly on social media.

How many nationalities you invited in Girls Planet 999 Mnet? Right, 3 then why the fuck the final interim voting is 8 koreans and 1 Chinese? What in the Produce 101 is this? Shen Xiaoting P01 to P16?? Y'all im done
No Hikaru, Xiao Ting, or Mashiro in the top 9 of the interim check?... What's going on. 😩 #GirlsPlanet999 #girlsplanets999 #GP999
Mnet: Here is today's interim ranking before the finale of #GirlsPlanet999Me, who's been watching since the beginning of the show:

Many ask why there was a need to add two nationalities if the program had planned a one-pick system, whose results are highly predictable.

With three more days to go, it'll be interesting to see if Girls Planet 999 lives up to its name or becomes another Mnet survival show that fans hate due to unfair treatments to non-Korean trainees.

Fans can vote for their picks on the UNIVERSE app. The final voting is split into two parts - votes collected on UNIVERSE until October 22 and a live poll during the finale broadcast.

The finale for Girls Planet 999 will be live-streamed on October 22 on YouTube and iQIYI.

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