"I have them both blocked": Mads Lewis claps back after being accused of stealing Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler's Instagram caption

Mads Lewis has seemingly had to go back to her past (Image via Instagram)
Mads Lewis has seemingly had to go back to her past (Image via Instagram)

TikTok star Mads Lewis recently posted an Instagram post captioned:

"You're everything I've ever wanted."

It seemingly confirmed her relationship with fellow TikTok star Christian Plourde.

In the photo, Lewis and Plourde hold two lighter flames close to the shape of a heart in the fire. However, the Instagram post confirming their relationship did not receive positive attention.

TikTok user hannahkosh posted a video explaining the similarity of Mads Lewis's caption to ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler's comment under Nessa Barrett's July 26th post.

Hossler's comment to Barrent read:

"You are everything I've wanted and more. I love you precious."

hannahkosh's clip gained over 420K views and earned 1300 comments, including one from Mads Lewis.

"I have them both blocked and don't even see their stuff nor do I care. Just a coincidence, y'all really try to make something out of everything. Lol."

Mads Lewis' past with Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler

The influencer explained that she blocked both Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler, so she could not see either of their posts. This stems from a long history between the three throughout 2021.

Lewis, who previously dated Hossler, was proclaimed to be the best friend of Barrett. However, the two got into an altercation over Hossler, with the latter (Hossler and Barrett) even appearing in a music video and officially announcing they were dating.

Mads Lewis then accused Nessa Barrett of being a lousy friend, stating that the latter treated her "terribly." In June 2021, Lewis uploaded a video to TikTok asking who her fans wanted her to box.

Nessa Barrett also responded in June that she was "not entertaining any of that" regarding possibly starting a boxing career.

hannahkosh's video regarding Lewis's captions was posted on Instagram by tiktokinsiders and has gained over 80K views. Many netizens came to Mads Lewis' defense, stating that "she should" have them blocked after all of the drama.

Some were confused about why the video was uploaded when all parties wanted to move on from the situation.

A user stated:

"As she should. Y'all gotta quit bringing up Ness and Jaden and Mads names together. They all clearly want to move past the situation (hence Naden never talking about it & Mads blocking them). Let them move on now."

Another user commented:

"That video is dumb and she has every right to be upset at the situation with them, but let's not forget she was mostly upset with Nessa not Jaden, despite saying her and Nessa were basically enemies and not friends. Blame both or none js."

Mads Lewis's new boyfriend, Christian Plourde, is best known on TikTok for his text-in-video lip-syncs and sketches. He has amassed over 420K followers and ten million likes on TikTok.

Mads Lewis did not make any further comment on the similarity between the captions. Nessa Barrett has not acknowledged the similarity, and neither has Jaden Hossler at the time of writing.

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