“I found myself falling deep before I even knew it.”: Park Hyung-sik dishes on playing the main character of Our Blooming Youth

Park Hyun-sik in Our Blooming Youth (image via tvN)
Park Hyun-sik in a poster of Our Blooming Youth (Image via tvN)

Park Hyung-sik, in a recent promotional interview for his upcoming show, Our Blooming Youth, dished on what made him choose it, sharing alongside some insightful details about his character.

tvN’s much-awaited K-drama Our Blooming Youth is an upcoming historical drama which will follow the life of a prince under a mysterious spell and a brilliant lady who is falsely accused of killing her family. The two will be seen hopelessly enamored with each other when the Prince will rescue the woman from her false charge, who will, in turn, free him from his curse.

Discussing what drew him to the show, the Strong Girl Bong-soon actor revealed that the intriguing plot was what attracted him the most. On the first reading of the script itself, he found himself deeply attached to the riveting plot, which made him wonder how such a detailed narrative could be portrayed on-screen:

“While I was reading the script for the first time, I found myself falling deep [into the story] before I even knew it. I felt that the script had the power to draw viewers in, and I got really excited as as I wondered to myself, ‘What would it be like when this script is made into a drama?'”

“I just did my best to stay true to the role.”: Park Hyung-sik on playing the role of Prince Lee Hwan in Our Blooming Youth

Park Hyung-sik will be portraying the character of Crown Prince Lee Hwan and starring opposite him will be actor Min Jae-yi’s Jeon So-nee in the upcoming historical drama, Our Blooming Youth.

Donning the role of the protagonist was a challenging role for the actor, given the different layers present in the character’s personality. The 31-year-old remarked that he felt empathy for the young prince, but also resonated with the character's genuine charm and honesty.

Park Hyungsik From #OurBloomingYouth first episode will be released on tvN at 8:50 p.m. starting Monday, February 6th!

Park Hyung-sik likened his personality to that of a bird with many different feathers, specifically characterizing himself as having a blend of childlike qualities along with more adult and adventurous dispositions.

The actor acknowledged that when he got into character, he had to give a lot of thought to a lot of different things in order to convey all of these different hues of the character. He added:

“I continuously thought, ‘If I were Lee Hwan, how would I feel, and what would I be thinking in this situation?’ I just did my best to stay true to the role.”
park hyungsik and jeon sonee for elle SHUTUP THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER 😭

Proceeding to describe the show, Park Hyung-sik highlighted its most crucial aspect, which is the romance between Lee Hwan and Min Jae-yi.

He equated the fated relationship between the two characters to the four seasons - it has the warmth of summer, the refreshing coolness of autumn, the novelty and beauty of spring, and the chills of winter, stating:

“From the moment Lee Hwan and Min Jae Yi meet until the very last moment, watching them feels like watching the four seasons.”

Our Blooming Youth will premiere on February 6 on tvN.

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