"I just got an STD test": Logan Paul responds after being called a f***boy by brother, Jake Paul

Logan Paul stated that he recently had an STD test and it came back clean (Image via Logan Paul/Instagram)
Logan Paul stated that he recently had an STD test and it came back clean (Image via Logan Paul/Instagram)
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In the August 26 episode of Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast, Jake Paul made a guest appearance.

In a segment of the episode, Jake berated his older brother by calling him a "f***boy" and a "w***e."

"Bro, f*** you. Suck a d***, bro. You're a single f***ing f***boy who puts your d*** in ten girls a f***ing week. How about that? You should get a promise ring to yourself. You should get a commitment ring to yourself. I've never seen you run through this many girls in my f***ing life. You're a w***e, a dirty w***e. You'll never find love at this rate."

Understandably, after a half-joking call out from his brother, Logan Paul responded:

"Now my feelings are hurt."

The rest of the group shared laughs at the older Paul's expense and the podcast returned to its original pace.

Logan Paul's response to his brother

The podcast host responded to his younger sibling's berating in a separate clip while sitting with co-host Mike Maljak. In an Impaulsive clip, Logan Paul acknowledged what Jake Paul said to him and wanted to clear the air.

"I'm saying this, bro. I'm not a dirty little s**t, okay? And I just got an STD test because my brother made me think I was a dirty little s**t and I'm a clean, large angel."

The 26-year-old stated that his brother did say what he did in good fun, and while Logan laughed, he wanted to step in and set the record straight.

"I just want to stand up for myself in the future because Kevin mentioned this. I thought I was having a fun moment for entertainment purposes. It was funny to watch my brother berate me in front of millions of people and it'll be clipped and, great, like, surely a girl that I care about will be like, 'What the f*** is this?' And I'll be saying, 'like, it was a joke,' and I should have said something and so I'm saying something now."


Logan Paul discussed that part of his life in short detail, stating his STD test was clean and he was reinstating the use of condoms in his hookups. Jake Paul has not come forward to comment further on his brother's bachelor lifestyle at this time.

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