"I plan on proposing": Jake Paul reveals his marriage plans with Julia Rose

Jake Paul, YouTube vlogger and boxer, was previously "married" to Tana Mongeau (Image via Instagram/ jakepaul)
Jake Paul, YouTube vlogger and boxer, was previously "married" to Tana Mongeau (Image via Instagram/ jakepaul)

In an interview with NBC 3 anchor Stephanie Haney, Jake Paul acknowledged his relationship with long-term girlfriend and model Julia Rose.

YouTuber Jake Paul, 24, is best known for creating the Team 10 collaboration channel along with previously collaborating with brother, Logan Paul on defunct video app Vine. He also created the infamous song It's Everyday, Bro.

Julia Rose changed her name on Instagram to 'Julia Rose Paul,' which Haney acknowledged in the interview. She asked if Paul was going to fight Tyron Woodley on August 29 as a married man.

"We are not married, but I see that coming for sure. I got her a promise ring-slash- pre-engagement ring. I plan on proposing, you know, sometime soon."

Julia Rose recently posted a picture of herself and Paul on Instagram on August 8. In the photo, Rose and Paul are laying on the beach in the dark. The caption read, "Oxytocin."

Jake Paul's previous marriage

This mention is not the first time Jake Paul has acknowledged the possibility of marriage. In 2019, Jake Paul became engaged to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

Paul and Mongeau then married in Las Vegas on July 28 with a livestream ceremony featuring many celebrity guests. Viewers paid $50 to view the event, which many deemed "unwatchable." An altercation also broke out during the event involving Paul, his groomsmen and a few guests.

The couple called the "marriage" off in 2020, revealing the entire event and ceremony was a ploy to gain views. Paul claimed that his marriage to Mongeau was never legally confirmed.

Jake Paul only recently confirmed his relationship with Julia Rose on August 3. In a TikTok video in which he reflected on his past, Paul acknowledged he was "dating a boob model."

Paul and Rose first started dating in 2020 but broke up within months. Rose claimed that their split was "tough."

"I don't think either of us are bad people. We are just trying to live our lives and do the best we can."

Julia Rose has not come forward with any acknowledgment of Jake Paul's statement at this time.

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