"You were acting like a f***g weirdo": Logan Paul reveals awkward encounter with Alex Cooper's boyfriend 

Alex Cooper and Logan Paul discussed their recent encounter on a phone call (Image via Instagram/ alexandcooper and loganpaul)
Alex Cooper and Logan Paul discussed their recent encounter on a phone call (Image via Instagram/ alexandcooper and loganpaul)

Call Her Daddy podcast host Alex Cooper confronted YouTuber Logan Paul in a recent episode. Cooper called Paul while recording the podcast and asked him to explain his lengthy text.

Alex Cooper's call to Logan Paul comes after the two experienced an encounter where Paul met her boyfriend for the first time. Logan Paul ran into Alex Cooper and her boyfriend outside a Las Vegas nightclub. Cooper's boyfriend's identity remains unknown at this time.

"I looked up and right next to you was some incredibly handsome man, and he was staring right at me. There was a slight smirk on his face, almost imperceivable. Like, looking through me. And then it hit: Holy f---, that's the mystery man! That's the guy. And then I realized, he just watched me real-time react to me, seeing you with him. "

Alex Cooper previously posted a photo on her Instagram story, and fans insinuated that Paul and Cooper's boyfriend had gotten into an altercation. However, based on the explanation provided by both parties, that does not seem to be the case.

Alex Cooper explains encounter with Logan Paul and their hookup rumors

In response to Logan Paul's explanation of their encounter, Cooper stated that her boyfriend smiled at Paul because he was "acting like a f---ing weirdo." Alex Cooper also stated Paul acted "like he saw a fucking ghost and started freaking out.".

"I did see a ghost, I haven't seen you in twelve years. The last time I did hear about you, you're f---ing saying that you sucked my pee-pee on a podcast."

Alex Cooper went on the BFFs podcast in April 2021 and discussed rumors of her hooking up with Logan Paul. Cooper said, "Logan Paul can't keep a secret," in regards to their hookup and Paul allegedly talking about it to various people.

Paul, in his own podcast Impaulsive, refuted Cooper's claim stating: "'I told like one close friend and you just told the whole internet. And now I'm telling them again.'"

Alex Cooper's episode involving Logan Paul is titled What Happens in Vegas and her phone call with Paul does not occur until the twenty-eight minute mark.

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