MrBeast teases his own podcast after Call Her Daddy's Alex Cooper signs whopping $60 million 3-year deal with Spotify 

Image via Twitter/mrbeast and Instagram/alexandracooper
Image via Twitter/mrbeast and Instagram/alexandracooper

MrBeast looks to be chasing the dollar after "Call Her Daddy" podcast host Alex Cooper signed up to make the podcast exclusive on Spotify on July 21st. The back catalog and all future episodes of the podcast will only be available on Spotify after the date listed based on this deal.

The three-year deal for the "Call Her Daddy" podcast is worth more than 60 million dollars in total, making it Spotify's biggest exclusive deal for a woman-led podcast to date. The deal also underhanded Barstool Sports, which has hosted the "Call Her Daddy" podcast since 2018. Going forward, Cooper will co-produce the podcast with Spotify.

In a direct reply to the announcement of the deal on Twitter from user ColinandSamir, Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast stated that he would be "starting a podcast."

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MrBeast's Possible Podcast

MrBeast, best known for his large sum giveaways and outrageous stunts with friends, stated he would be starting a podcast. In fact, MrBeast's most recent video on his YouTube channel showcases more of his stunts and giveaways for large amounts of money. Since its publication on June 13th, it has amassed twenty-six million views.

This was soon after the announcement of "Call Her Daddy" becoming an exclusive podcast deal with Spotify.

Since his statement, MrBeast has not explained or confirmed if he was serious. Fans have begun to add their opinions, mostly praise, regarding the well-trending YouTuber. They hoped he would explain the behind-the-scenes of his profession along with his input on the future of content creators. Another wanted to see MrBeast co-host with other YouTubers such as TommyInnit and Dream.

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Many others in the Twitter thread, both in replies and quote tweets, discussed that it would be a missed opportunity if MrBeast didn't make a podcast. While MrBeast is yet to comment on the status of the podcast, some Twitter fans eagerly await the possible announcement. The tweet alone has accrued twenty thousand likes.

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