“I am not ready for goodbye”: Fans emotional as HYBE shares more information regarding BTS’ RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook’s nearing enlistment

Jimin, RM, Jungkook, and V will be enlisting according to their respective procedures. (Images via X/@btschartsdailyc @bts_bighit)
Jimin, RM, Jungkook, and V will be enlisting according to their respective procedures. (Images via X/@btschartsdailyc @bts_bighit)

On December 5, 2023, BIGHIT Music (now HYBE) announced more information about the military enlistment of BTS members RM aka Namjoon, V aka Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook. The announcement was posted on Weverse and stated that Jimin, V, and RM will enroll in the army to serve their necessary amount of time in the military. Furthermore, Jimin and Jungkook are going to enlist together, while Namjoon and Taehyung will enroll according to their own protocols.

As expected, the BTS ARMY got emotional and tweeted on X as the day to bid adieu to the members is nearing.

Earlier on November 22, 2023, BIGHIT Music (now HYBE) made its inaugural announcement of the four members' enlistment. Subsequently, several news outlets such as Dispatch and Star News speculated that Namjoon and Taehyung would enlist on December 11 while Jimin and Jungkook would enlist on the next day, December 12.

"THIS IS SADISTIC": Fans react to the different enlistment procedures of BTS members RM, V, Jimin & Jungkook

In the announcement, HYBE mentioned that to fulfill their required military service, Jimin, Taehyung, and Namjoon will enlist in the army soon. In addition, Namjoon and Taehyung will enlist in line with their respective procedures, while Jimin and Jungkook will enlist together.

HYBE emphasized that fans should be aware that the day of the members' entry into the military camp will not have any formal events.

HYBE wrote:

"Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC. Thank you for your continued love and support for BTS. We would like to update you on RM, Jimin, and V's upcoming enlistment into the military. RM, Jimin, and V will fulfill their required time with the military by enlisting in the army. RM and V will be enlisting according to their respective procedures, while Jimin and Jung Kook are scheduled to enlist together. Please note that there will be no official event on the day of their entry."

HYBE further added that only military personnel and their families are permitted to attend the entry ceremony. To avoid any potential problems caused by congestion, fans are asked not to attend the location.

Additionally, they recommend against negatively impacted purchases of unapproved tours or product bundles that violate the intellectual property rights of the artists. HYBE asserted that the organization will take the appropriate measures to stop any efforts at illicit commercial exploitation of this intellectual property.

"The entrance ceremony is a time to be observed by military personnel and their families only. To prevent any issues that might occur from crowding, fans are advised to refrain from visiting the site. Please convey your warm regards and encouragement in your hearts only. We also advise you not to get adversely affected by purchasing unauthorized tours or product packages that illegally use the artist's IP. Our company will take necessary action against any attempts at commercial activity making unauthorized use of such IP."

Meanwhile, fans noticed that the latest announcement mentioned that "RM and V will be enlisting according to their respective procedures" which piqued the fandom's curiosity.

According to a fan and an X user, @WinterTaeta, BTS' Taehyung and RM will be enlisting on the same day in the Nonsan Training Center. However, as per various reports on November 30, 2023, by media outlets such as Dispatch and Star News, Taehyung is speculated to enlist in the Special Duty Team (SDT) unit in the Capital Defence Command.

Even though both Taehyung and RM will report in the same training center, their basic training is speculated to be different. Furthermore, @WinterTaeta, added in the tweet thread that both Taehyung and Namjoon aka RM will be deployed to separate units post the completion of their training.

It is crucial to note that HYBE has yet not announced any dates of the members' enlistment hence all the dates and enlistment locations are speculations reported by Korean media outlets Dispatch, Star News, and Sports Seoul.

Furthermore, the BTS ARMY noticed in the latest announcement that Jimin and Jungkook would enlist together in the same training center. Fans mentioned that the Korean version of HYBE's announcement mentioned the word "동반입대" (Dongbhanipdae) which means "buddy system" in the Korean military.

As per South Korean military rules, friends and family members can enlist and train together at the same base according to the "buddy system" in place in the Korean military. However, only people born after January 1, 1995, are eligible for this option.

The South Korean Army allows friends (buddies) to enlist in groups of up to four people. They have to agree to the same Army duty and enroll on the same day.

As per the guidelines, together, they will participate in both Advanced Individual Training and Basic Combat Training. Following this, they will be placed in the same initial duty post upon graduation.

In addition, a rule known as the "buddy system" guards against harm to troops both within and outside the camp. This specific precaution is particularly helpful for celebrities, like the members of BTS, who have become accustomed to receiving threats of death and physical violence.

The BTS ARMY is extremely distraught as they have to prepare themselves to bid farewell to the four remaining members of BTS since the other three members Jin, J-Hope, and Suga are currently serving their military duty.

Notably, BTS Taehyung's application for the Special Duty Team (SDT) unit has not been addressed by HYBE, nor has it been verified in any way. The corporation hasn't disclosed the members' enrollment dates either.

Furthermore, HYBE has not mentioned or confirmed if BTS members Jimin and Jungkook would enlist in the 5th Infantry unit, where Jin is already stationed, or if they have chosen the "buddy system."

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