"He is so cool for this" Fans go gaga as BTS' Kim Taehyung reportedly applies for Special Mission Unit at Capital Defence Command

Featuring Kim Taehyung (Image via Bighit Entertainment and Taeguide/X)
Featuring Kim Taehyung (Image via Bighit Entertainment and Taeguide/X)

On November 30, 2023, South Korean media outlet, Kmedia News1, reported that Kim Taehyung has applied for the Special Mission Unit (Special Task Force) at ARMY Capital Defence Command. The anti-terrorism unit is the only command which is under the direct control of the President of the country.

As the news broke, fans took to social media to say how proud they were that the Love Me Again singer had applied for such a superior post.

Some fans, whose close ones work in the division, have revealed that in order to be recruited in such a wing, one needs to possess a high level of IQ and have strong mental prowess.

Recently, Bighit Entertainment announced that Kim Namjoon, Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jungkook have initiated their military enlistment process, and further details regarding the same will soon be provided.

Fans want Kim Taehyung to work in the Special Task Force, an anti-terrorism unit

Kim Tae-hyung has applied for the Special Task Force (Special Mission Unit) of the Military Police of the Capital Defense Command, an anti-terrorism unit. The command works under the direct control and orders of the President of South Korea.

According to @Taeguide on X, the aforementioned unit, also referred to as SDT, works for the following:

"SDT stands for Special Duty Team, which is a military police unit deployed at the headquarters, corps, and division levels of each military unit to carry out initial response to violent crimes or counter-terrorism operations, arrest of armed deserters within the military, special operations, and mobile strikes in urban areas. It is referred to as a ‘special mission unit’."

As per @Taeguide, the timeline of the BTS member's application to the unit was as follows:

"Taehyung applied on August 31/September 6, after the 1st round of selection he had interview on October 12, and then the final announcement/final result was on October 26. Once the final selection process was completed he was assigned a date for December."

During a Layover Listening Party on Station Head, the idol had stated how ecstatic he was about passing his military exam and undergoing the final selection process.

It should be noted that he had an interview for SDT two days prior to his first solo fan meeting, Vicnic.

As fans got to know about all the information related to Kim Taehyung's application for the Special Mission Unit at the Army Capital Defense Command, many took to calling him "Captain" on social media.

Even after becoming a member of SDT, individuals must undergo intensive training that demands immense effort, which is why Kim Taehyung is also being praised among the natives of South Korea.

Meanwhile, fans are also elated because Kim Taehyung's close friend Park Hyung-sik also served in the SDT forces during his mandatory military service.

Bighit Entertainment has released a statement saying that they cannot confirm the information at present.

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