"I think I do a lot of spoilers": BTS Jungkook hilariously talks about dropping hints every now and then during 3D Listening Party at STATIONHEAD

Featuring Jungkook of BTS. (Images via Twitter/@seokjinbit)
Featuring Jungkook of BTS. (Images via Twitter/@seokjinbit)

BTS Jungkook hosted a Listening Party on STATIONHEAD for his latest single 3D (feat. Jack Harlow) on October 1, 2023, at 7 AM ET (8 PM KST). During his conversation on the live music streaming platform, the singer cautioned his fans that he could not provide any information about his future album due to the fact that he would end up giving too many spoilers and his company staff members would get into trouble.

"ARMYs keep asking about the next plan. I can't say anything! For me, I think I do a lot of spoilers. I do enough where ARMYs are able to notice bits but I also have to watch the company! They will stare at me from the side when I talk."— Jungkook

This instance sheds light on the matter when some fan(s) released the alleged leaks on social media even before the official announcement of the song 3D which featured the American rapper Jack Harlow.

To put in some context, Jungkook had planned to tease his fans with a song preview of 3D on the large screen during the Global Citizen Festival on September 23, 2023, following his performance. However, to Jungkook's amazement, someone had leaked the clip even before he took the stage, resulting in his plan going astray.

Furthermore, someone even leaked a clip that showed the 3D singer rehearsing the unreleased song of 3D which featured Jack Harlow. Although he was unhappy with this leak, he made an effort by jokingly speculating as to who may be responsible for it. Following his performance, he spoke about the issue in a Weverse LIVE on September 23, 2023, to address this breach.

Fans reacted hilariously to Jungkook's confession during the 3D Listening Party

During the Listening Party on STATIONHEAD for 3D (feat. Jack Harlow), Jungkook revealed that ARMYs are good at figuring out the nuances of his future projects.

He further added that he wanted to hang out with the ARMY without the company knowing.

"we should hang out together without the company knowing!!"— Jungkook

Needless to say, some of the BTS ARMY immediately reacted hilariously to the topic on the tweet thread shared by a fellow X user, @haruharu_w_bts, while a few reposted the tweet and remarked independently.

However, another highlight from the 3D Listening Party on October 1, 2023, was when Jungkook dissuaded detractors by asserting that he wasn't upset by the hateful remarks during the listening party for his most recent song 3D (with Jack Harlow). Despite not liking the hateful comments left on his postings and videos, he is confident in himself and his work.

On top of that, the Still With You singer-songwriter's most recent track, 3D, which featured the Grammy-nominated American rapper Jack Harlow, didn't exactly win overall Internet users with its lyrics. Netizens expressed disappointment that the rapper allegedly objectified women with his illicit verses in his song, while others countered that it's better to just enjoy the music without starting unneeded arguments.

The last two Listening Party sessions of the 3D (feat. Jack Harlow) are slated for October 2 and 3, 2023, at 6 AM ET (7 PM KST).

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