"He was objectifying women": Jack Harlow’s explicit part in Jungkook's 3D leaves the internet divided

Featuring Jack Harlow and Jungkook (Image via archiveforJK@X)
Featuring Jack Harlow and Jungkook (Image via archiveforJK@X)

On September 29, 2023, BTS' Jungkook released his highly anticipated second digital single, 3D, in collaboration with the American singer and rapper, Jack Harlow, which soon sparked controversy as many found the latter's rap part objectifying women.

According to Big Hit Entertainment, 3D is about a desire to connect with someone, and they commented:

"The global pop star, Jung Kook of BTS, released his second solo single, '3D (feat. Jack Harlow).'
The track is an R&B pop song characterized by a minimalistic arrangement, a strong rhythm, and an irresistibly catchy sound. It cleverly employs the concept of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dimensions to express a desire for connection. Jack Harlow joins the track as a featured artist."

Upon the song's release, fans had divided opinions. One group expressed concern that Jack Harlow's explicit rap in Jungkook's song was objectifying women, while others suggested that it's better to enjoy the music without creating unnecessary controversy.

However, those who felt offended by Jack Harlow's explicit lyrics took to social media to express their thoughts and stated:

Fans feel uncomfortable listening to Jack Harlow's part, but they love Jungkook's part in 3D

Fans talking about Jack Harlow's part in 3D (Image via Reddit)
Fans talking about Jack Harlow's part in 3D (Image via Reddit)

As 3D aired, many fans absolutely loved Jungkook's high-rhythmic and catchy lyrics that made them feel good and comfortable. However, when Jack Harlow's part came, fans were uncomfortable, claiming that his rap objectified women and was utterly misogynistic.

One of the lines by the American singer that made fans feel unpleasant was:

"I had one girl too boring. Two girls, that was cool for me. Two girls, that was cool for me. Three girls, damn dude's horny. Four girls, okay, now you wh0ring."

In defense, some fans argued that Jack Harlow in 3D song wasn't objectifying women but calling himself a h*e. They also stated that fans who don't know Jack Harlow's style might find it weird and unpleasant as well.

Many fans also speculated that Big Hit Entertainment and Jungkook released the 3D Alternate version because they were aware that some fans would only prefer Jungkook's version of the song and not Jack Harlow's part, which they alleged objectified women.

Fans took to social media to share different viewpoints regarding 3D, with some stating that Jack Harlow's part had ruined the song for Jungkook, while others declared they wouldn't even listen to the American singer's part, finding it uncomfortable.

As women, they felt that lyrics that made them feel degraded and unsatisfied with the portrayal of women were not something they wanted to hear.

They argued that Jack Harlow could have kept his rap part as adult and flirtatious as Jungkook's instead of degrading it as a whole. Many fans expressed gratitude for the golden maknae, who released the 3D Alternate Version, allowing them to fully enjoy the song without listening to the rap part.

Meanwhile, the golden maknae entertained fans with more of his natural side in the music video, reminding many of Justin Timberlake's 2000s era and associating 3D with the Justified album, which was a smash hit.

Another problematic aspect of the song pointed out by fans was the usage of "ABG," referring to Asian Baby Girl/Gangster. Fans noted that it can perpetuate stereotypes about Asian-American girls who are often raised in Western countries.

Fans talking about Jack Harlow's part in 3D (Image via Reddit)
Fans talking about Jack Harlow's part in 3D (Image via Reddit)

They are expected to be studious, kind, and reserved but are portrayed as rebellious, associated with gangs, having dyed hair, and tattoos, and spending nights out with their boyfriends.

Moreover, many fans expressed disappointment in Jack Harlow's collaboration with Jungkook, feeling that he wasted the opportunity by creating lyrics that were sexist, objectifying women, and misogynistic. Overall, fans loved Jungkook's part and the 3D Alternate version.

While fans are divided into two camps, one criticizing Jack Harlow's part and the other supporting it, dismissing the claims, the internet is engaged in a heated debate about whether his raps were truly objectifying women or not.

Meanwhile, as 3D aired, it reached the No.1 position in over 80 countries on the iTunes chart, making it the fastest song in history to achieve this.

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