"I will miss him so much": Quackity, Ludwig, and more pay tribute as Minecraft star Technoblade dies following cancer battle

Minecraft streamer Technoblade passes away after battling cancer (Image via Tecnhoblade/YouTube)
Minecraft streamer Technoblade passes away after battling cancer (Image via Tecnhoblade/YouTube)

Minecraft streamer Technoblade has passed away. The content creator had a prolonged battle with stage four cancer. News of his death was made public by his family today. Since then, fellow streamers have taken to social media, paying tribute to the internet sensation.

The 23-year-old revealed his diagnosis to followers last year. Technoblade took a hiatus for his chemotherapy treatments. On June 30, his father appeared in one last upload announcing that the beloved streamer had passed away. Technoblade wrote his last message to fans worldwide, expressing that even if he had hundreds of lives to live, he “would choose to be Tecnhoblade again every single time.” He added:

“Those were the happiest years of my life.”

His father told him in the video:

“You’ve done so much for so many people, millions of people. If you want to, you can rest. But if you want to write one last video and you’re waiting for things to get better, I would say don’t wait.”

The Minecraft expert wrote his final message on his father’s computer eight hours before his passing. Techno’s father narrated the message, which was titled- “so long, nerds.” Techno said in his note:

“I hope you guys enjoyed my content and that I made some of you laugh. I hope you all go on to live long, prosperous, and happy lives because I love you guys. Technoblade out.”

His father announced that his family surrounded him in his last days. He added:

“We all said goodbye. He was the most amazing kid anyone could ask for.”

A message at the end of the video read:

"We, the family of Technoblade, wanted all of you to know just how much he adored and respected his fans and colleagues.”

In a final message from Techno’s mother, she revealed that the streamer, who said that his real name is Alex battled stage four cancer without any complaints. She added:

“My son’s bravery on this path was a shining lesson to all of us who were privileged to walk it with him.”

Netizens pay tribute to Technoblade’s passing: Merchandise store will remain operational in his honor

Fans worldwide were incredibly saddened to hear the news. Many took to social media platforms to express their sorrow and condolences to his family. Techno’s fellow streamers took to Twitter and other platforms, paying tribute to the Minecraft legend. Several internet figures, including Quackity, Ludwig, FitMC, Emiru, and more, paid tribute to Alex.

A few tweets read:

I’ve been rewatching Technoblade’s for the past hourHe was so witty and so humble even in the toughest of timesI’ll always look up to himRest In Peace <3
I had the opportunity to express to Technoblade how much admiration and respect I had for him, not only for the massive impact he had on all of us, but also for keeping his incredible humor even in the darkest moments.I will miss him so much.Rest In Peace ❤️
RIP Technoblade, the world just lost a great person
Absolutely shocked. RIP Technoblade. You were a role model, a kind spirit, and a good man. Your legacy will never be forgotten.
Rest in peace Technoblade , he always treated me with pure kindness and never excluded me from anything. He couldn’t of been a kinder person!Thank you for everything you’ve done for this community, it will never be the same without you. ❤️
Technoblade was one of my absolute favorite creators and someone who inspired me so much.I watched all of his videos, streams, VODs and always found myself smiling and laughing throughout.You are a legend Technoblade, you will be so missed. Rest easy
I'll never forget the day I met Technoblade. I left work early to play in a Minecraft tournament with him. I barely knew how to play... and the dude still carried us to win the entire fucking event.Rest in peace, big guy. You'll always be a legend.
Effortlessly funny. Endlessly talented. Gone too soon. Rest easy, Technoblade.
Rest in Peace Technoblade. Words can't express how much you will be missed. The lives you've touched and the impact you've had on them will last forever.Goodbye Techno <3
Technoblade has passed away after his battle with cancer, his father delivered a final message on his behalf today.May he rest in peace.

The streamer’s family will continue to operate his merchandise store. All proceeds from orders will be donated to Technoblade’s preferred charity, The Sarcoma Foundation of America, as they wish to “continue spreading his message.”

Minecraft sensation shared cancer diagnosis last year

On August 27, the streamer and YouTuber took to his channel, sharing the reason behind his time off from the internet. He shared that after experiencing tremendous pain in his right arm, he decided to visit the doctor.

This is the saddest thing I’ve seen all day. Growing up, Technoblade was my favorite Minecraft YouTuber next to Skeppy. Thanks for the countless hours of entertainment and joy you brought to so many. RIP Technoblade

The streamer started his chemotherapy sessions as soon as the doctor confirmed that a tumor caused his arm to swell, leading to pain.

Techno remained in high spirits while sharing his cancer diagnosis with fans. He revealed earlier that although it had taken a toll on his health, he would do his best to create content for his followers.

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