Is Liam Hemsworth suing Miley Cyrus for Flowers? Leaked documents debunked as viral tweet sparks frenzy

Truth debunked after social media users speculated that Liam is suing Miley Cyrus. (Image via Getty Images)
Truth debunked after social media users speculated that Liam is suing Miley Cyrus. (Image via Getty Images)

While Miley Cyrus’ Flowers is still trending on the charts, a circulating rumor states that after the song's success, Liam Hemsworth, Miley’s ex-husband, is suing the singer. The rumor began shortly after many fans started speculating that the singer had written about her marriage and Liam cheating on her in the song Flowers.

The rumors of Liam claiming to sue his ex-wife, Miley Cyrus, began after several Twitter accounts posted a picture of a document, which stated:

“According to leaked documents, Liam Hemsworth is officially suing Miley Cyrus for defaming him after the success of the single "Flowers". He was about to lose his contract with Netflix for the series 'The Witcher'.”

The rumored document further claims that Liam Hemsworth suffered “damage to public image, and income” due to the lyrics and video of the song. However, the news of Liam suing Miley Cyrus and the documents are fake, as the document has supposedly been generated by a website, where several templates are identical to the one shown in the Twitter accounts.

Truth debunked: Liam Hemsworth is not suing Miley Cyrus

As soon as Miley’s song, Flowers was released, it brought several speculations about the song being written for Liam Hemsworth, as many videos resurfaced on the platform where Liam is asking Miley to “behave.” While the video dates back to April 2019, when the two attended the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, several netizens alleged that the black suit that Miley wore in the music video is identical to the one Liam wore that night.

The couple had been married for nine months but dated one another for more than 10 years before that. However, soon after the music video of Flowers made rounds on social media, people speculated that Miley had written a song about her ex-husband, as several rumors started emerging regarding Liam cheating on Miley with several models.

After divorcing in January 2020, the duo had been seen dating multiple people, as Miley has been in a relationship with The Hills alum Kaitlyn Carter, Australian swimmer Cody Simpson and Lilly drummer Maxx Morando. Meanwhile, Liam is reportedly in a serious relationship with Gabriella Brooks.

Since both celebrities have been in a relationship after their marriage ended, the chances of Flowers being written to slam the actor are bleak. At the same time, the news of Liam Hemsworth suing Miley Cyrus is also untrue.

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