"It’s disturbing": 1000-lb Sisters fans shocked as Michael refuses to help Amy with the kids

Amy feels she has 3 kids as Michael refuses to help her (Image via TLC)
Amy feels she has 3 kids as Michael refuses to help her (Image via TLC)

Episode 6 of 1000-lb Sisters, titled A Lot of Cooks in the Kitchen, aired on TLC this Tuesday, February 21, at 9 pm ET.

The episode featured Amy being released from the hospital after giving birth to her second son, Glenn. She mentioned that her stay was very "rough", as her husband Michael tested positive for Covid just hours after Glenn's birth, and she had to handle the baby alone. She decided to stay with her sister Amanda for some time, until Michael tested negative for Covid.

Amy was grateful for Amanda's help but wanted to go home soon.

She was, however, shocked to see the state of the home upon returning, as it had not been cleaned. Everything was just as Amy had left it before the operation. She felt that Michael enjoyed a "vacation" and played video games for 14 days without "picking up a room" to clean.

Michael himself confessed that he was not in much pain during Covid and just had headaches. Amy soon realized Amanda helped her a lot during the initial days, but now she has to handle her children alone after having a c-section. She joked that she only signed up for two kids and not Michael.

Even later on at a party, she was seen handling both the kids alone while they were crying. In the process, she herself became distraught as she did not want to ignore either of them. Meanwhile, Michael just sat back and was seen eating, despite knowing that his wife could use some help.

1000-lb Sisters fans slammed Michael for not helping his wife with the kids and just concentrating on himself.

1000-lb Sisters fans slam Michael for not taking care of his newborn baby

Amy Slaton felt that she had "three kids" when Michael refused to help her at the family event. She tried her best to calm down Gage after giving Glenn to her sister Amanda.

However, she failed to comfort her first-born son and was seen crying later on. Amanda tried to calm her down by praising her for being a good mother. Amanda also had to give Glenn to his uncle, because Michael did not even want to hold his son while eating food.

Amanda reminded Amy in a confessional that she was married and that Michael had to help her with the kids.

1000-lb Sisters fans agreed with Amanda and slammed Michael for not even cleaning the home for his newborn. They were also displeased after seeing him ignore the crying children and give all the household work to Amy, who just had a c-section.

About Amy and Michael's relationship

Amy met Michael in high school and was in a relationship with him for several years. The 1000-lb Sisters stars eloped in June 2017, but kept it hidden for a long time.

The two tied the knot on March 15, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. They currently live together in Dixon with their 2-year-old son Gage and 8-month-old baby Glenn.

TLC airs fresh episodes of 1000-lb Sisters every Tuesday at 9 pm ET.

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