“It’s giving me bullying”: Fans slam Selling Sunset cast for ganging up on Christine Quinn

A still of Christine Quinn (Image via @thechristinequinn/Instagram)
A still of Christine Quinn (Image via @thechristinequinn/Instagram)

Real-estate agents of Selling Sunset recently ganged up on Christine Quinn, making the fans say that the reality star is being bullied by her co-stars. They voiced their opinion on Twitter, saying that it's wrong to bully Christine Quinn despite her behavior.

Fans came in support of Christine Quinn after seeing the attitude of the cast members in the recent episodes of Selling Sunset.

Fans slam Selling Sunset cast for bullying Christine Quinn

After watching the latest episode of Selling Sunset season 5, fans slammed the cast members of the show for ganging up on mom-of-one, Christine Quinn, saying that the reality star is being bullied by her co-stars.

Series 5 started with Quinn breaking up from the rest of the girl group. Although fans were hoping for reconciliation among the pals after the bitter end of season 4, the new season kicked off with an all-new drama that just got nastier.

Things got ugly between the ladies of the Oppenheim Group when Quinn and her new female pal, British-Norwegian agent Chelsea Lazkani, hosted a luxury broker's open house to attract new clients.

Maya and Davina were the first people to arrive at the event followed by other members except for Heather. Moments later, Amanda confronted Quinn about the Heat World interview. When Quinn tried to justify her comments about not being invited to Heather's wedding, everyone ganged up on Quinn and called her out for her behavior.

The criticism for her actions tainted her relationship with everyone. When the ladies asked Quinn to own up for her mistakes, she left the room sobbing, without providing any explanation for her past behavior.

Only her new friend, Lazkani, supported her and also called out others for the same.

What all drama will unfold and whether Quinn will be able to salvage her relationship with other cast members will be revealed in the upcoming episodes of the Selling Sunset. The new season of the show premiered on Netflix on April 22, 2022.

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