"It's only going to get worse": St Matthew's School Canada's Pride Day celebration sparks concern online 

St Matthew’s School Canada’s Pride day celebration sparks concern online (Image via St Matthew
St Matthew's School Canada's Pride Day celebration sparks concern online (Image via St Matthew's School)

St Matthew's School in Canada made headlines as they observed Pride Day at school. The Pride Day celebration was not appreciated by the conservatives, and the school began receiving backlash online.

A video shared by @libsofTikTok gave netizens a glimpse into St Matthew's School's Pride Day. The school campus was decorated with Pride flags and teachers and students also waved Pride flags as they walked the corridors. Students were also seen walking through a rainbow arc and watching a drag performance that had been arranged for them.

Several social media users took to the comments section of the post and expressed their thoughts about the same.

St Matthew's School is in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, and as per the school's mission statement, the institute aims to foster a "caring and passionate community of learners committed to cultivating strong connections, authentic experiences, and innovative teaching and learning practices for an inclusive and sustainable future."

"Something out of a horror movie" - Netizens unhappy with St Matthew's School's decision to observe Pride Day

As the videos of Pride Day being celebrated at St Matthew's School went viral, people started reacting to the same. They were agitated that drag performances took place at the school and expressed their views online.

Several schools made headlines after organizing Pride events

Several schools have organized Pride events this month, and they have received significant backlash for the same on social media. Apart from St Matthew's School, LA Elementary School was recently in the news because conservative parents made a plan to boycott Pride Day at the educational institute. They kept their children home on the day the event was scheduled to be held.


A group of parents also made an Instagram page and mentioned that they would use the platform to call out the administration of the school. They also urged parents of LA Elementary School students to keep their children at home on June 2.

Other than this, Saticoy Elementary School also organized a Pride event, which did not go as planned. As per BBC, one group of parents called the event "indoctrination" and believed it was not appropriate for children. However, another group of parents said that children had the right to learn about inclusivity and the LGBTQIA+ community.

BBC reported that a huge fight took place between the two groups and police were called to keep the situation under control. It was further reported that an adult also got injured during the fight. However, no arrests were made by the police.

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