"I was going through a creative rut": Jeffree Star reveals why he left LA for Wyoming 

Image via Instagram/jeffreestar
Image via Instagram/jeffreestar

Jeffree Star explained why he was permanently moving to Wyoming in a June 25th video interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"I think that in the last seven years, I've lived ten lives. I've had the craziest, wildest career so far and I really was seeking peace and quiet...I've been here for thirty-five years, I love California so much obviously we're standing here in my building, that's not going anywhere, but I think for me I needed to wake up in a different environment finally."

Star continued, stating that "to wake up with all four seasons and snow...I just, I love it." Jeffree Star also mentioned that he "didn't think [he] would love it, but I'm so obsessed with it."

Jeffree Star announced on June 15th that he would be selling his Calabasas home and moving to his second home in Wyoming. He also stated that his company will remain in California.

The interviewer asked Jeffree Star about the dating scene in Wyoming, to which Star replied: "It's a little bleak."

"We're the tenth biggest state and there's only 565 thousand people in the entire state. When you think of L.A. with nine million people and then that whole entire state is like a county of L.A., it's wild. So, to answer your question, a lot of people stick with their high school sweethearts and that's it."

Star went on to add that he is currently not looking for a relationship. That segment of the interview quickly turned to addressing rumors of Jeffree Star dating Kanye West. In an interview on June 13th with Us Weekly's YouTube channel, Jeffree acknowledged that the rumors were "bizarre."

In the Entertainment Tonight interview, Jeffree Star explained that "some girl on TikTok made it up and it went viral before I even knew."


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Jeffree Star's "creative rut" lifted in Wyoming

"The main thing is continuing on inner peace, real happiness. [And] Los Angeles was just giving me something that I was kind of over. I've been here for so long, so I think Wyoming brings me so much, it brings me joy and it really reset me."

Jeffree Star stated that through all of his makeup creations, he "was going through a creative rut." He mentioned that he'd never told anyone about it before the interview.

"Last year, I went through a little creative slump for the first time in seven years. And I was like, 'Whoa, this is crazy.'"

After a month in Wyoming, Jeffree Star said that his stay "re-sparked everthing" and he was able to "reset [his] brain," before adding that he and his team have created new palettes "up until 2023."

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At the end of the interview, Jeffree said that the pandemic and his accidents were, for lack of a better word, good for him. He stated that they were good lessons that allowed downtime, time for process and self-evaluation.

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