"I need to step away": Jeffree Star opens up on his mental health struggles as he reveals he is selling his house and leaving California 

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In his latest video on his YouTube channel, Jeffree Star has revealed that he will "step away," sell his Calabasas home, and leave California. Also in the video titled "Addressing My Mental Health. Selling My House and Getting Help," Star revealed that he had to "self-reflect" on his poor decisions and harsh realities in the past two years before saying that "being in this big house is so lonely."

In 2019, Jeffree Star lost two dogs and "the love of [his] life" and he said that they were devastating to him personally.

"The word 'drama' is stuck to my name, probably forever, but I know who I am, standing here today. I had to face a lot of demons, I had to look in the mirror and really self-reflect."

He mentioned that he'd had family and friends staying with him, but now it is just one person living in the 25 thousand square-foot home.

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Jeffree Star's moving on

Along with voicing many of his regrets over the past two years following the launch of the Conspiracy palette with Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star mentioned that he would be moving out of his Calabasas, California home to live full-time in Wyoming.

Earlier this year, Jeffree Star and friend Daniel were in a terrifying car accident in Wyoming where the "car flipped three times," according to Star. The accident left Star in a back brace until he was recently cleared by a doctor.

"The accident and everything else that has happened leading up to that...everything happens for a reason."

Jeffree Star mentioned that last year he began going to therapy. Since working with his therapist, Star claimed he was "thriving" and "closer to [his] family than ever before." Jeffree Star said he wouldn't be leaving California forever, but he would be making Wyoming his main residency.

The 'Old Jeffree' is dead and gone.

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Jeffree Star's Calabasas home is listed for 3.3 million with eleven bathrooms and eleven bedrooms. As Jeffree previously stated, a few of his Calabasas neighbors who are also his Wyoming neighbors are Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West.

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