K-pop singer Bae Suzy discusses her new music project with Marie Claire magazine

A still of the K-pop artist (Image via @skuukzky/Instagram)
A still of the K-pop artist (Image via @skuukzky/Instagram)

Bae Suzy shared her thoughts and various details behind her first music project in about four years. The K-pop idol spoke with French-British magazine Marie Claire and did a photo shoot for the fashion magazine.

Bae Su-ji, also known as Suzy, is a South Korean singer, actress, and model. She was part of the girl group Miss A under JYP Entertainment. She made her debut as an actress with the television series Dream High and made her film debut in Architecture 101.

Bae Suzy opens up about her comeback as a soloist with Marie Claire

SUZY for Marie Claire with DIOR

Suzy recently made a powerful comeback as a solo singer after a four-year hiatus with the release of her single Satellite. In an interview with Marie Claire, she shared details about her song and said,

"It's a process of finding out what you like."

She also revealed that she participated in composing the lyrics for her new track and connected her concept to various existing characteristics.

She shared,

"In this song, I wanted to capture a certain mood rather than a clear and distinct message. I thought about the things that are constantly out of reach but that float around me like the characteristics of a satellite."

She continued to explain that she chose Monica from the survival program, Street Woman Fighter, as the dancer captivated her with her dance moves.

She went on to share,

"I liked 'Street Woman Fighter', but seeing Monica's dance, I felt like her dance was my 'muse'. It's difficult to improvise the whole song, but she danced differently every time. It was hard to choose a cut because of the dance. It was the best way to express this song."

Meanwhile, Marie Claire released Suzy's photographs from the shoot on March 17, 2022. In the pictures, Suzy made hearts flutter with her fresh spring looks and poker straight hairstyle. The singer was styled in multiple chic yet sophisticated outfits by wearing colorful blouses, skirts, dresses, shoes, and shimmering accessories.

Latest updates on Bae Suzy

Start-Up actress Bae Suzy recently received an offer to play the lead role in Netflix’s upcoming series The Girl Downstairs, which is based on a famous webtoon.

Suzy’s agency, Management SOOP, confirmed the news and stated that the artist will be reviewing the offer. Further details regarding other lead roles and the start of production are yet to be announced. Additionally, expectations are high as Crash Landing on You director Lee Jung-hyo will be helming the project.

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