Married at First Sight fans go ballistic after Alyssa walks out on Chris

Alyssa and Chris (Image via mafslifetime/ Instagram)
Alyssa and Chris (Image via mafslifetime/ Instagram)

In Season 14 episode 4 of Lifetime's Married at First Sight, the couples got married and were going to spend their first night as a wedded couple together. While that was the case for most of them, one couple spent the night in separate rooms.

Alyssa, soon after getting married to Chris on Married at First Sight, reveals to him that some of the things that people have told her are making her uncomfortable. Alyssa also chose to sleep in a different room on the wedding night having decided to talk through the matter the next morning.

Fans have taken over social media expressing their disappointment with Alyssa.

Fans of Married at First Sight and their growing discontent at Alyssa

The next day on the episode of Married at First Sight, the couple met their spouse's parents, friends and family to gather a deeper understanding of their better-halves. It was revealed that the couple spoke privately and Alyssa told Chris she got a bad vibe. Alyssa did agree to go through the process, but Chris says he will take one last chance to talk to Alyssa's family and get a different perspective before completely giving up.

Chris was very open with Alyssa's mother about the situation and was told to be patient and wait a little longer before making any major decisions. Meanwhile, Alyssa is relatively quieter while talking to Chris' family.

Even during their honeymoon, Alyssa chose to spend time away from Chris and it is at this point that Christ confronts her about the issue. Chris says,

“There was never a point in this process where you put in an effort. I think you went into this expecting the perfect person. And when you got somebody who wasn’t, you said ‘I’m done. I’m not even gonna take any steps."

Alyssa storms out of the room and Christ is left feeling blindsided.

Fans did not appreciate Alyssa on the show and have come out to defend Chris.

Chris revealed in an interview that Alyssa did not make an effort to talk to him during the reception. While Chris was alone in the hotel room on the wedding night, he felt that it was not what he had signed up for. Even so, Chris feels that they still have a chance and that a little space would help them both get some perspective.

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