"Locals need to understand how conservative South Korea is": Fans defend BLACKPINK's Rosé over gay rights question response

BLACKPINK's Rose lands in troubled waters over a gesture when asked for gay rights support (Images via Instagram/roses_are_rosie and TikTok/kennalbaran)

BLACKPINK Rosé’s response to an LGBTQ+ rights question has garnered major attention. With over 1.7 million views of the clip at the time of writing, the K-pop star faced both criticism and support for her answer.

Comments about the On the Ground singer being homophobic began doing the rounds on Twitter instantly. Many people, especially “locals,” (a term used by K-pop fans for people who do not listen to Korean music) believed that the gesture and the cheer did not express support but reluctance.

if she said yes, she'll be scrutinized beyond unimaginable measure by knetz.…

Fans immediately defended the idol by trying to educate people about the conservative South Korean society. They shared that the BLACKPINK member’s gesture was a diplomatic response, considering the many issues regarding LGBTQ+ rights and societal views in the country her entire career is built in.

Fans pull up past supportive moments to prove BLACKPINK Rosé’s gay rights question response was being blown out of proportion

lmao that response is so sad she knows she cant say yes coming from a country thats so anti 🏳️‍🌈 🙄…

As per TikTok user @kennalbaran, Rosé was asked if she “supported gay rights” at the recent BORN PINK tour send-off. While she looked a bit taken aback, she responded with cheers and gestured a rock sign. The BLACKPINK vocalist then moved on to greet other fans.

The five-second clip blew out of proportion as netizens began labeling the BLACKPINK member homophobic. BLINKs defended the On the Ground singer by posting various moments from the past where the 25-year-old openly supported the LGBTQ+ community.

[ day 3 ]:rosie (and lisa) showing their support for the lgbt+ community and making us happy with the smallest gesture 🥺[ #ROSÉ #LISA #BLACKPINK ]

Years ago, a BLINK introduced her girlfriend to Rosé and gave her a present - her favorite plushie that her partner gifted her on their first date. She accepted it with wide smiles and ample gratitude.

Not just the On the Ground singer but other BLACKPINK members have also shown their support for the community while waving the pride flag during one of their Philippine concerts.

The 25-year-old singer was also spotted wearing Burberry’s limited edition sweatpants that were released in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

@PopCrave for the lewsers in the replies and qrts making baseless accusations
Still can't get over how Rosie bought sweatpants from Burberry that supports the LGBT community worldwide when there were other options to choose from. She's worn it confidently multiple times in big platforms like ig where she has millions of followers. #BLACKPINK #ROSÉ

While a chunk of her past moments have made it to Twitter, fans have also informed others that South Korea is still a conservative society and such topics can create an extreme backlash from not just K-fans, but the general Korean public.

As Rosé is a member of the biggest girl group, a diplomatic answer was for the best, many fans believed. Some BLINKs even mentioned that the fault was of the fan who posed the questio since there was no way out of it. If she said yes, she would have been bashed in Korean society, but had she said replied with a no, people would have still rip her apart online.

@roseannepics @roseyloops Why always need to presure idols about this? Its not right if she say yes she will be attacked if she say no she will be attacked... these types of question can hurt your idol the most...
@MoonstarDani @blint_ladb @roseannepics @roseyloops Rosé is from Korea. You don't know how conservative koreans when it comes to gay people. Some celebrities can't even come out from their closet coz they are scared to get hates from their own country.
@PopCrave before y'all say anything, Rosé ain't trying to be unemployed. South Korea citizens and government is still very homophobic and conservative. clearly her answer is yes but can't verbally say it. she's also trying to avoid conflict or controversy
i don’t even want to talk about it because it’s so petty that rosé getting homophobic allegations when she’s been very vocal with her actions about supporting the community.
idk i feel like y’all should start using your common sense and need to stop asking her obvious questions when it’s been clear she does support gay right 😭 it’s like y’all forget she lives in a very conservative country where she gets criticized over the smallest things…
rosé is being labelled homophobic for… cheering when asked if she supports gay rights??

Many instances of the K-pop industry and the general public showing gradual support to the LGBTQ+ community has been seen lately. NCT’s Jaehyun was confirmed to play the lead role in a homos*xual drama, which is now shelved, while DKZ’s Jaechan and former idol Park Seo-ham starred as male leads in Semantic Error, a Boys’ Love drama that became extremely popular.

However, though some K-pop idols continue showcasing their support to the LGBTQ+ community directly or indirectly, fans believe that it is not easy for every K-idol to do the same. They were also of the opinion that one cannot label Rosé or any other artist with only a five-second clip without knowing their past.

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