LOONA’s Chuu reportedly filed a lawsuit against Blockberry Creative

LOONA's main vocalist Chuu (Image via @loonatheworld/Twitter)
LOONA's main vocalist Chuu (Image via @loonatheworld/Twitter)

On March 29, an exclusive report by Wikitree stated that LOONA’s Chuu had filed a lawsuit against her agency, Blockberry Creative. As per the report, the idol filed the case to suspend her exclusive contract with the agency. Reasons for the same haven’t yet been disclosed.

The coverage also states that the idol received a partial victory as the court ruled that she could be granted a preliminary injunction. The news came as a surprise to ORBITs, the group’s fandom, as the girl group is currently appearing on Mnet’s Queendom 2 and taking part in various promotions for the same.

Partial victory for LOONA’s Chuu in a lawsuit against agency Blockberry Creative, reports Wikitree

In sudden news, LOONA’s Chuu was reported to have won a preliminary injunction against her agency, Blockberry Creative, in December last year. The news, reported by Wikitree, states that the legal dispute was about the idol wanting to suspend her “exclusive contract” with the agency.

However, there were no details regarding whether the suspension was of certain parts or the overall contract with the group.

An injunction refers to a court order prohibiting a party (entity or individual) from starting or stopping an action. It is mainly issued to prevent any further irreversible harm to the subject. Meanwhile, preliminary injunctions are often administered in the early stages of the case for the same reason.

As per the report, Blockberry Creative still hasn’t commented on the matter yet.

Considering the PTT (Paint the Town) girl group is busy promoting, appearing, and rehearsing for Queendom 2, fans believe the reports are false or that Chuu might have sued the company for more freedom over her distribution rights.

According to fans’ speculations, the distribution rights might also include the freedom to choose her own schedule rather than the agency choosing it for her, along with better pay.

While the main vocalist has been taking part in Queendom 2, she was absent from the LOOΠΔVERSE: FROM concerts last month on February 11 and 12. The reason cited by the agency was “health reasons.” Fans had also voiced discomfort over Chuu being overworked prior to that.

Chuu, along with being a member of LOONA, has been juggling web shows (Chuu Can Do It, 2020), television shows (Wild Idol, Family Register Mate, and Law of the Jungle - Spring Special in Jeju, all in 2021), brand endorsements and a web series (Dating Class, 2019) over the past few years.

For the time being, fans can watch the girl group on Queendom 2’s premiere on March 31 at 9.20 PM KST on Mnet’s channels.

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