"Loving it": Bravo fans impressed with Dancing Queens season premiere

6 ladies try to beat each other in ballroom dancing (Images via Bravo)
6 ladies try to beat each other in ballroom dancing (Images via Bravo)

The first episode of the Dancing Queens series aired on Bravo this Tuesday, May 9, at 9 pm ET. The new series featured 6 contestants training alongside pro-dancers to win a trophy in ballroom dancing. The amateur dancers will not shy away from sabotaging their rival's performance and even stealing their partners.

The episode just featured a brief introduction of the ladies and their personal lives as they prepared for the competition. Some of the competitors were also seen getting ready for the big tri-state competition from Boyko, the well-known ballroom make-up artist.

Collete was seen complaining about her ex-dance partner Kristijan leaving her for another comeptitor and compared the situation to a break up. Sabrina, on the other hand, gave her dancing coach Stanislav a very hard time in their comback rehearsal. After yelling at him to dance properly, she stormed out of the room.

Leonie even mentioned that ballroom dancing gave her a "high" and called Cleopatra her alter ego.

Dancing Queens fans were impressed by the show's premise and the contestants' style of dancing.

Dancing Queens fans blown away by the season premiere

Throughout the first episode, the ladies kept a keen eye on their competition.

Leonie called Sabrina the "best of the best," while other ladies called her out for always thinking that the spotlight was on her. They also revealed some big facts about the money spent on Ballroom dancing, like one of the dancers confessing they spent 6 figures in one month for this "hobby."

Fans were not expecting a lot of drama on Dancing Queens and were thus blown away by the premiere and the competitive spitit.

What happened on Dancing Queens series premiere?

Bravo's description of the show read:

"Passion and glamour meet the rigorous demands of the ballroom dance competition world as a group of dancer friends juggle the realities of their personal lives with their dedication to dance. In the end, "all is fair in war and ballroom."

In the episode, Sabrina revealed that she was nervous about dancing in a competition after two years. She dominated the A category for a long period of time and now wanted to live up to people's expectations. She even stormed out of her dance partners' studio after he refused to listen to her.

Colette, who has three dogs, six cats, and two tortoises, told her friend that her old dancing partner broke her heart by leaving her and praised Alex for his skills and his looks.

New episodes of Dancing Queens will air on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 pm ET. Fans can stream the show on Peacock the very next day.

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