Why is Leonie Biggs called a "perfectionist"? Dancing Queens cast member is a fierce competitor

Meet Leonie Biggs from Dancing Queens 2023
Meet Leonie Biggs from Dancing Queens 2023 (Image via leonie.biggs/Instagram)

Bravo will premiere Dancing Queens season 1 on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 9:00 pm ET. Six new faces, aka dancers, will make their debut in the reality TV show alongside their respective professional dance partners. Leonie Biggs is one of the six dancer friends and she will share her personal and professional life with viewers on the show.

Leonie’s bio on Bravo's site described her as a “perfectionist.” It explained:

“Leonie is a perfectionist who doesn’t like to take on anything unless she can be the best at it.”

Hailing from Haworth, New Jersey, the fierce competitor was seen juggling between her passion and family responsibilities, in the trailer.

Leonie Biggs is a model by profession

Leonie Biggs is not just a dancer but has a “high-powered career in finance.” In addition to that, she is also a model by profession.

Her bio on Bravo’s site reads:

“Leonie is a perfectionist who doesn’t like to take on anything unless she can be the best at it. With a full plate, she balances life as a wife and mother with her high-powered career in finance. This dance season, Leonie has a new pro partner, Koysta Samarskyi, which adds stress, doubt and additional hours of practicing before she feels ready to compete.”

It adds:

“Fiercely competitive in nature, she feels the pressure to be a championship ballroom dancer and beat out the other ladies to earn the coveted first place.”

Viewers can get a glimpse of her fierce and competitive side from the trailer of the reality TV series, Dancing Queens. In the clip, Leonie is heard saying:

“I like to be the best at things. My dad would say don’t talk to me unless you [are] first.”

The next scene showed her telling her daughter that she had to go to her dance competition. When the toddler asked why, she hugged her daughter.

As Leonie’s bio described she’s a perfectionist, the quality could be seen through her LinkedIn page. According to her profile, she is an entrepreneur, a lifestyle model, and a Curtin University graduate.

Leonie began working as an institutional trader at Patersons Securities in 1999, according to her experience section. After working there for four years, she became a senior account manager at HOSTPLUS. Her next job was at Goldman Sachs as IBD Associate, but after a year and a few months, she moved to Alternative Investment Management Products (UK) Limited and became the head of UK operations.

In 2014, she started working as Management Consultant - Asset Management at PwC LLP. Her LinkedIn page shows that she is still an employee there and is also a lifestyle model and entrepreneur philanthropist.

Meanwhile, Leonie is all set to showcase her talent and let viewers get a glimpse of her personal life through Bravo’s new show, Dancing Queens.

Dancing Queens season 1 release date, cast and synopsis

Dancing Queens season 1 stars six women — Donnie Burch, Gaëlle Benchetrit, Leonie Biggs, Colette Marotto, Sabrina Strasser, and Pooja Mehta. They are amateur dancers who are all set to spend money on makeup, professional dance partners, and outfits to win “the world of Pro-Am dance competitions.”

The official synopsis of the upcoming reality TV series reads:

“Passion and glamour meet the rigorous demands of the ballroom dance competition world as a group of dancer friends juggle the realities of their personal lives with their dedication to dance. In the end, ‘all is fair in war and ballroom.’”

Dancing Queens season 1 will air its first episode on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 9:00 pm ET on Bravo. New episodes will be released on every Tuesday at the same time on the network.

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