Who is Colette Marotto? Dancing Queens cast member is a single mother to son with special needs

Colette Marotto set to appear in Dancing Queens
Colette Marotto set to appear in Dancing Queens (Image via Instagram/@coletteio2)

Bravo’s Dancing Queens is set to premiere on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 9 pm. The season premiere will chronicle around six dancers who are ready to put everything second to compete and win the Pro-Am along with their professional dancing partners. The six contestants include Donie Burch, Gaelle Benchetrit, Leonie Biggs, Pooja Mehta, Sabrina Strassers, and Colette Marotto.

Colette, one of the contestants on Dancing Queens is a single mother to a son with special needs. She is the owner of Wheels on the Bus and enjoys dancing as it gives her time to focus on herself.

Meet Colette Marotto ahead of her appearance on Bravo’s Dancing Queens

The upcoming dance docu-series will feature six amateur dancers and their professional partners as they get ready to compete in Pro-Am. The women set to appear in the show are ready to pursue their dancing dreams and focus on themselves. One such woman is Colette Marotto, a single mother and business owner from Scottsdale, Arizona.

She is the owner of Wheels on the Bys Pediatric Therapy, Inc, and has a son named Kevin, who has special needs. Her company aims to empower and strengthen families to promote the development and well-being of individuals with developmental disabilities or “who are at risk for development delay” according to the website.

The upcoming Dancing Queens cast member's company serves the under-served population of Pheonix including the “demographically under-served, the low income, and ESL families.”

Their approach includes a number of things like making sure that the child's family is a primary member of the team and that the involvement in their services is always the family's choice. It also includes making sure that the methods they use are "consistent with the family's" values and priorities.

Additionally, the company also says that they understand that each family is different and has different strengths and abilities. They add that they work to "work to establish a working partnership that respects the expertise of each member."

The upcoming Dancing Queens star’s Linkedin states that she attended the University of Wisconsin-Parkside from 1992 to 1996. She earned a Bachelor's degree in biology. Following this, she studied at St. Catherine’s University from 1997 to 2000 where she earned a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.

Colette Marotto worked as a Physical Therapist for Easter Seals Arizona for three years. Meanwhile, she also established Wheels on the Bus in August 2002.

Her Bravo bio states that due to her professional and personal responsibilities, Colette has a lot of stress in her life and dancing allows her to focus on herself.

It continues:

"Recently, her pro dance partner left her to compete with Pooja, forcing her to find a new pro, Oleksiy “Alex” Pigotskyy, and start from scratch. Her ballroom breakup created tension between the women and lit a fire within Colette to be even more successful to prove to her former pro that she can win without him."

As mentioned earlier, other competitors of Dancing Queens include Donie Burch with Illiah Vinikovskiy, Gaelle Benchetrit with Nino Langella, and Leonie Biggs with Kostiantyn “Koysta” Samarskyi. They also include Pooja Mehta with Kristijan Burazer, and Sabrina Strassers with Stanislav Kochergin.

Tune in on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 9 pm ET to watch the season premiere of Dancing Queens on Bravo.

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