Lury Pizarro GoFundMe raises over $10,000 as mom and toddler are found dead in Connecticut home

Lury Pizarro was found dead along with her toddler and a man on Valentine
Lury Pizarro was found dead along with her toddler and a man on Valentine's Day. (Image via GoFundMe)

33-year-old Lury Pizarro was found dead along with her 3-year-old son Emanual on Tuesday at around 8.30 pm. Another man named Jose A. Perez was also found dead at the scene. Police, have however not revealed the relationship between the deceased people.

According to the authorities, the deaths appear to be “an isolated incident.” They have also confirmed that there is no imminent threat to the public at large. Neighbors have also reported hearing gunshots from the residence.

A GoFundMe page was launched five days ago to meet the funeral expenses of Lury Pizarro and her toddler. The fundraiser aimed at raising $50,000, and has already raised $11,211. Police are currently investigating the three mysterious deaths at a Brooklyn apartment.


33-year-old Lury Pizarro and her toddler along with a 32-year-old man were found dead on Valentine’s Day

On Tuesday, the police received a report of “a suspicious incident.” The same has been confirmed by the Connecticut State Police in a press release. They have identified the incident as being isolated and claimed that the public isn’t in danger. The investigators said:

“There is no ongoing threat to the public. The investigation remains active and ongoing.”

Police haven’t released any information regarding Lury Pizarro's relationship with the 32-year-old deceased man. Officials discovered that the deceased man also belonged to Worcester, like Lury and her son.

Several neighbors claimed to have heard gunshots at the residence. Responding officers arrived at the residence on Middle Street at around 8.27 pm local time. Police have also urged those with any information regarding the incident to contact Det. Ethan Tanksley.

A fundraiser was launched to help with the funeral expenses of Lury Pizarro and her toddler who were found dead. Around 189 donors have contributed over $10,000 in the last five days. According to the GoFundMe post:

“She was an amazing person overall. She and her son Emmanuel both passed away on February 14th 2023, we are asking for your help to cover the costs of their funeral and related expenses.”

It continued:

“Lury was a kind and generous person who touched the lives of many. She was selfless and always helping others. Emmanuel was a smart, loving, caring, playful 3-year-old.”

Family members of Lury have described her as a "great mom"

The GoFundMe further described Lury Pizarro as an “amazing” and “beloved” mother. Daniel Mendez, Lury Pizarro’s stepfather told WCVB:

“She was a great mom, a great daughter. A person that everybody loved. This is something that... it hit us hard.”

Her mother, Maria Algarin, remembered her daughter and said:

“She’s very, very nice, my daughter. She’s nice. I don’t know.”

The case is currently an ongoing police investigation and police are yet to unearth several important details.

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