Mnet's new survival show Boys Planet to air in February 2023

Mnet's Boys Planet, the male version of Girls Planet 999, to air on February 2023 (Image via Twitter/@theseoulstory)

At the 2021 MAMA, Mnet first announced the news of their new survival show, Boys Planet. Though the show was supposed to premiere this year, Mnet released an image on Instagram on November 28, announcing that it will premiere in February 2023, and a teaser video will be released at the 2022 MAMA.

The global audition program, which is the male version of Mnet's previous survival show, Girls Planet 999, had extended its applications worldwide. This will be the first time that Mnet hasn't placed any restrictions on their participants, allowing anyone born before January 1, 2010, to apply.

Mnet also shared details of the show in the caption of their Instagram post.

"Notice for boys around the world. With your many interest and requests, we expand the eligibility to apply for participants of <BOYS PLANETS>! Application eligibility: Boys from all over the world who love K-pop who were born before January 1, 2010 (can apply till 2009)."

The caption continued:

"Beyond work, a new world where a global K-POP boy group will be born, waiting for boys from all over the world who will fulfill their dreams in <BOYS PLANET>"

On June 24, 2022, Mnet announced the details through a YouTube video, adding that the time frame of the application would be from June 27 to August 28, 2022. After wrapping up three rounds of auditions, the show will premiere with 98 contestants worldwide.

Mnet's Boys Planet is designed to be a global affair

After the huge success of their previously conducted reality survival show in 2021, Mnet is back with another survival show, which will be the male version of Girls Planet 999, exciting the fandom with the new K-pop boy group it will form.

For Girls Planet 999, Mnet limited its application to Asia. This time, boys from all around the world will be participating in the show. Their global audition, You Are NEXT, received a sea of applications from 84 regions around the world. And fans are excitedly waiting for the global K-pop boy band that's about to enter the industry.

Mnet's last male survival show, I-LAND, formed BIGHIT's K-pop group ENHYPEN, who saw great commercial success within two years of their debut. The group has released many famous songs such as FEVER, Drunk-Dazed, Polaroid love, etc., and has been one of the most recognized faces of the HYBE Labels.

With Kep1er, the K-pop girl group formed in Girls Planet 999, rolling out their success through WA DA DA, the expectations of Boys Planet are quite high among the fandom. Kep1er has also been actively promoting the upcoming show, further exciting fans about the upcoming content.

While some fans are excited to see another K-pop group being built, fans of K-pop took to Twitter to share their mixed feelings about Boys Planet. From fan theories to reactions, people can't wait to find out how different or similar Boys Planet will be to Girls Planet 999.

Mnet's return with a male survival show after almost two years has fans excited. Many are hoping to see familiar faces from previous survival shows reappear as well as trainees from other entertainment companies. Given the worldwide popularity of Girls Planet 999, a sizable audience can be expected to tune in to Boys Planet in February 2023.

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