Nam Joo-hyuk in talks to lead new psychological thriller webtoon adaptation

Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk (Image via @skawngur/Instagram)
Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk (Image via @skawngur/Instagram)

Nam Joo-hyuk might soon be returning to the small screen with an action thriller series. The actor, recently seen in Netflix’s hit romcom Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, is in talks to lead a drama titled Vigilante. The show will be an adaptation of a psychological thriller webtoon of the same name written by CRG and illustrated by Kim Kyu-sam.

After reports from Sports Chosun were released, the 28-year-old actor’s agency, Management SOOP, confirmed that he is indeed reviewing the script for Vigilante. However, no final decisions have been made. The series will reportedly be released on a global OTT platform, but further details are yet to be announced.

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One star Nam Joo-hyuk already considering a new role

On April 20, reports surrounding actor Nam Joo-hyuk being in discussion for a role in an action webtoon adaptation were released. The actor has been a part of multiple popular K-dramas over the years, including Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016), The Bride of Habaek (2017), Start Up (2020), and more. He rose to prominence with his 2015 drama Who Are You: School 2015.

Fresh off his highly successful Netflix drama opposite Kim Tae-ri, the 28-year-old actor might return with a never-seen-before role in an action webtoon adaptation. Vigilante is a psychological action thriller webtoon revolving around a young police university student, Ji-yong, who takes law into his own hands every weekend and punishes criminals.

Nam Joo-hyuk has been offered the lead role of Ji-yong. The police university student and vigilante also has a dark backstory. Ji-yong joins the university to take revenge from his parents' enemy. He considers the law flawed and makes it his responsibility to punish criminals that the justice system doesn't.

There are other main characters in Vigilante too. Reporter Choi Mi-ryeo is the one who discovers the vigilante's real identity. Meanwhile, Investigator Jo-heon of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit is hell-bent on tracking down the unknown vigilante because of him stealing the spotlight.

The webtoon, written by CRG and illustrated by Kim Kyu-sam, was released in 2018 and has a rating of 9.9 on Naver Webtoon’s website. The finale of the webtoon, which has 141 episodes in total, was published on December 18, 2020.

The one-line summary of Vigilante on Webtoon states,

“The law is flawed and I’ll be the one who will make it perfect. Blame the law that set you free.”

Meanwhile, a representative from Management SOOP stated that Nam Joo-hyuk did receive the offer and is “positively” reviewing the role.

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