NCT 127 reveals the tracklist and schedule for their upcoming repackage album, Ay-Yo

NCT 127 releases schedule and tracklist for their fourth repackage album, Ay-Yo (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127)
NCT 127 releases schedule and tracklist for their fourth repackage album, Ay-Yo (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127)

Following NCT 127's announcement of their fourth repackaged album release, Ay-Yo, on January 30, the group has updated the tracklist and schedule poster, further exciting fans. The album, which will entail three fresh tracks in addition to the twelve songs from the regular album, 2 Baddies, has finally been revealed. Along with its title track, Ay-Yo, two other songs, DJ and Skyscraper, are said to feature in the repackaged album.

In addition to the tracklist, they've also released a tentative schedule of planned events dating up to January 30, the album's release. Here's what the schedule looks like:

To Us - January 6 to January 8

Teaser Image #1 - January 9 to January 12

Teaser Image #2 - January 16 to January 19

Track Video - January 26

Teaser Image #3 - January 28

Music Video Teaser - January 29

Ay-Yo Album Release - January 30

With scheduled releases to look forward to along with hints that the tracklist image dropped about the upcoming album, fans couldn't seem to hold their excitement. Naturally, Twitter was filled with opinions, theories, and reactions to the tracklist, schedule, and the album that they're eagerly awaiting.

NCTzens flood Twitter with theories and reactions to the tracklist and schedule for NCT 127's fourth repackage album, Ay-Yo

As fans near the release of the much-awaited repackage album, their enthusiasm and excitement consistently grows. With the release of their first solid content of the album, its tracklist and schedule, fans have gotten down to work, digging for hints and finding clues that relate to Ay-Yo's concept.

The first reveal, To Us, is one that's spurred the most curiosity among fans, the reason simply adhering to its vagueness. However, NCTzens (NCT's fandom), have connected the dots and think that To Us is something similar to their previous To You release.

To You was a concept where each NCT member sat down to send a message to another member at the beginning of their new album recording, Punch. The video was quite an emotional ride for both the members and fans as each of them opened up about how they felt about each other and shared their support for the upcoming album creations. Fans believe that the upcoming To Us might be of a similar concept and eagerly look forward to more heartwarming content.

Moreover, the photos entailing the tracklist image have also had fans talking as they continue to guess the theme, genre, and concept that the repackaged album will adopt. Guessing from the group image attached to the tracklist, fans think that the album might be of a chill summer aesthetic with a beachy and refreshing concept.

Additionally, as a given for album releases, NCT 127 has changed its profile pictures on Instagram and Twitter to match the album's aesthetic and fans are totally in love with the concept. Though there are a few hints that Ay-Yo is on-brand for NCT 127, fans can also sense an experimental edge which only excites them further.

With Ay-Yo promotions hours away, fans await an eventful month lined up with teasers and content releases that are in store for them, culminating with the release of the much awaited album.

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