Netizens extend support to BTOB's Jung Ilhoon amidst second trial in marijuana case

Jung Il-hoon (Image via CUBE Entertainment)
Jung Il-hoon (Image via CUBE Entertainment)

As the K-wave takes the world by storm, BTOB's former member, Jung Ilhoon, faced his second trial at the Seoul High Court on November 18. Jung was undergoing trial under suspicion of consuming and purchasing illegal drugs like marijuana between July 5, 2016 and January 9, 2019. The High Court decided to prosecute Jung Ilhoon in violation of the law on drug management.

Formerly scheduled for November 4 but pushed due to COVID 19 pandemic, the second trial has finally reached a verdict on the case. The prosecution appealed for a two-year prison sentence along with a 126.6 million won fine (approximately $107,250).

The former BTOB star has admitted all charges related to the buying and consumption of marijuana over a gap of four years. Earlier this year, Jung Ilhoon not only admitted to all charges that the prosecution appealed for during the hearing, but he also expressed that he is "sincerely repenting for his actions". Before leaving BTOB, Jung Ilhoon had enlisted for military service.

Here's what Jung Ilhoon's fans had to say over this news

Despite leaving one of South Korea's most popular boybands BTOB, the K-pop star has garnered a lot of support. Fans from all across the globe have taken to social media to show their support.

While some fans showed their support, some reminisced about times when Jung Ilhoon was part of K-pop sensation BTOB.

Many fans still wish that their favorite K-pop artist would remain strong during this tough time.

The former BTOB member faced charges in December 2020, following which he left the band. He went through his initial trial in April earlier in the year. Jung Ilhoon was among six defendants being charged for the purchase and consumption of illegal substances.

When the allegations and charges were being made, Jung Ilhoon was completing his military service, as mandated by the South Korean Law.

The K-pop star was part of the K-pop sensation BTOB for approximately eight years. Jung joined BTOB in 2012 and left the band in late December 2020, after the charges against him were laid down.

Jung Ilhoon says sorry in a lengthy statement

K-pop idol, Jung Ilhoon, read from a prepared statement during his second trial. With tears in his eyes, he said:

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I am deeply reflecting on my wrongdoings. I am seriously regretting my foolish actions and feel ashamed of myself. The time I spent in the detention center was a time of deep reflection on the big and small misdeeds I committed in my life. As meetings are restricted due to the COVID-19 situation, I exchanged letters with my family and deeply felt their love that knows no bounds. I truly miss the ordinary everyday life that I used to enjoy. I have fully understood how drugs can ruin my life as well as the terrible damage it has on society. I firmly promise my acquaintances and the honorable judge that from now on, I will never betray the hearts of my beloved family and those who trust in me and will live a proper and honest life. I was really in the wrong. I apologize.”
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