“Ningning deserves better”: aespa’s fans fire SM Entertainment for poor management of the group’s trip to Paris

aespa NingNing is in Paris for Givenchy show (Image via Twitter/@aespa_iNINGNING)
aespa NingNing is in Paris for Givenchy show (Image via Twitter/@aespa_iNINGNING)

aespa’s fans are angry with SM Entertainment and understandably so.

On Friday, September 30, 2022, aespa members left for France to attend Givenchy's “2023 S/S Show” at Paris Fashion Week as Givenchy's brand ambassador. However, member Ningning couldn’t leave with her bandmates due to a visa issue.

For those unversed, Ningning is a Chinese national, and citizens from China are required to apply for a visa when visiting France. Korean citizens can travel to France without a visa.

However, on October 1, the aespa member joined her bandmates as fans spotted her in the dreamy city, heaving a huge sigh of relief. Despite Ningning managing to reach Paris on time, fans are upset with SM Entertainment’s mismanagement of the group’s trip to Paris.

“Ningning deserves better”, wrote an aespa fan on social media.

aespa literally had the worst management team ever this is fking ridiculous how could they screw something up this badly… ningning deserves better than this shit company

aespa fans react to the Ningning situation & A few more details about the Givenchy Show

When aespa fans spotted only three members at the airport, they were heartbroken to learn that Ningning couldn’t make it.

However, on October 1, fans heaved a sigh of relief upon finally spotting the Chinese member in the dreamy city and were glad to know that the group had finally reunited. However, fans were upset that SM Entertainment didn’t handle the situation properly.

aespa’s fans believe that the agency should have foreseen the situation and arranged for Ningning’s visa prior to the journey itself.

Dressed in a black bralette, black top and a meshed top, Ningning looked gorgeous in Paris and fans were happy she could make it.

she was scrolling too fast😭😅FASHION ICON NINGNING#NINGNING #닝닝 #宁宁 #aespa #aespaxGivenchy #Givenchy @givenchy

We also have some more exciting news for fans. Not only will the girl group will attend Givenchy's '2023 S/S Show' at Paris Fashion Week as brand ambassadors, they will also hold an in-person fansign - their first for their French MYs.

the main event 🥰FASHION ICON NINGNINGNINGNING GIVENCHY PFW#NINGNING #aespaxGivenchy @givenchy @aespa_official
THEE FASHION ICON HAS ARRIVED 🥹FASHION ICON NINGNINGAESPA POUR GIVENCHY PFW#aespaxGivenchySS23 #aespa #Givenchy @givenchy @aespa_official

The Givenchy show at Paris Fashion Week will be held on Sunday, October 2, 2022. The details regarding the fansign are not yet known but we are excited for the group to meet their French MYs.

In February 2021, the group was named the official brand ambassadors for the French luxury brand Givenchy, making them the first K-pop group to do so. What is interesting is that they were chosen as Givenchy brand ambassadors despite having only a brief experience in the industry, and that all of the members were chosen as brand ambassadors rather than just one.

Givenchy's new creative director, Matthew M. Williams, revealed that he was instantly captivated by all four members of aespa - Winter, Giselle, Karina, and Ningning - and believes their unique aura instantly fits that of the brand. The group shared their excitement, revealing that they were honored to be chosen as Givenchy's first K-pop brand ambassadors. They had said:

“Since we are joining Givenchy’s new chapter, we will try to show various aspects and activities.”
her 'sorry sorry' 🥹 fans still asking for her sign but they need to leave already FASHION ICON NINGNING#NINGNING #닝닝 #宁宁 #aespa #aespaxGivenchy #Givenchy @givenchy

More about Ningning

Born as Ning Yi Zhuo on October 23 in 2002 in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, Ningning is a vocalist and a member of aespa. She is the maknae (youngest member of the group).

On September 19, 2016, she was revealed to be a member of the trainee team SMROOKIES. She was eventually revealed to be a member of the group on October 29, 2020, a month before they made their debut with their first single, Black Mamba, in November 2020.

Ningning is a big fan of her sunbae (seniors) NCT and that prompted her to pursue a career in singing and auditioning in Korea.

aespa is an SM Entertainment four-member girl group led by Kareena. Giselle is the second oldest member, a rapper and vocalist. Winter is the third oldest member and a vocalist and dancer. Ningning is the main vocalist and the group's youngest member. So far, the group has released two albums and four digital singles.

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