"Not everything is of coincidence": Pfizer meaning in Hebrew goes viral in wake of Grammys sponsorship 

Pfizer goes viral in wake of controversial Grammys Unholy song performance (Image via Getty Images)
Pfizer goes viral in wake of controversial Grammys Unholy song performance (Image via Getty Images)

As the Grammys continued to be the topic of conversation online, netizens discovered that the awards ceremony was sponsored by Pfizer. The same was discovered after Sam Smith and Kim Petra's Unholy performance. Several conservative netizens have since taken to social media to diss the organization and its supposed connection to the Devil.

Do you know that Pfizer spelled backwards is Rezifp, & is of Hebrew origins means Resheph or Burner, God of the Plague & of the underworld. Not everything is of coincidence. #WakeUp

Sam Smith and Kim Petras garnered massive traction on social media following their Hell-themed performance. Sam Smith donned a top hat with devil horns as flames rose around them. Adding to the concerns of conservatives, the song was performed by a non-binary person and a transgender woman. Many claimed that the performance was “satanic” and expressed their disappointment online.

Why is @pfizer sponsoring unholy satanic performances at the Grammys?
The reason so many on the Right are riveted by the #Satanic ritual at the #GRAMMYs is that, deep down, we’ve long suspected Satan is the guiding light of the cultural Left. So this unholy tribute in the name of art struck us with a strong sense of both recognition & confirmation
Grammys openly celebrating satan (Sam Smith singing “unholy,” brought to you by Pfizer all while Jill Biden is handing out song of the year. It’s a satanic cult. If this doesn’t show people I don’t know what will. It’s blatantly disgusting! Stop giving the #GRAMMYs the ratings…

Following their performance, the Grammys cut to a commercial which revealed that the show was “sponsored by Pfizer.”

They also confirmed the same in an exclusive statement to Newsweek. Pfizer said:

“We sponsored the overall Grammy’s event, not any particular performance. Beyond that, we don’t comment on our efforts to raise awareness.”

Despite Pfizer specifically noting that they did not sponsor a singly performance (seemingly alluding to Unholy), netizens were convinced that they were of some significance to Smith and Petra’s “satanic” performance.


Hebrew meaning of Pfizer spelled backwards goes viral

Meanwhile, netizens were quick to note that when the name of the company is spelled backwards i.e. Rezifp, it means “the burner” or “the Ravager” in Hebrew. Many linked this to the Devil and the underworld.

Twitter user @faithheaven1111 also shared that when Pfizer is spelled backwards, it refers to the “ancient West Semitic god of the plague and of the underworld.” She also added that he “was also a war god.” The platform user went on to add an image of the meaning of Rezifp, which read that Rezifp:

“was also a war god and was thus represented as a bearded man brandishing an ax, holding a shielf, and wearing a tail, pointed headdress with a goat’s gazelle’s head on his forehead.”
@TheChiefNerd @elonmusk #Pfizer spelled backwards is: Rezifp which means: “(Hebrew: 'the Burner' or 'the Ravager') ancient West Semitic god of the plague and of the underworld, the companion of Anath, and the equivalent of the Babylonian god Nergal. He was also a war god..

Adding to the conspiracy of the company’s alleged Satanic connections, Twitter user @Kneesinthebrez also noted that Rezifp in Hebrew referred to “The Ravager or Burner.”

@BruceHunterJr Yes Sir...Demonic it is, Covid-Divoc = Possession of an Evil entity needing your Soul to survive.Pfizer-Rezifp=In hebrew, The Ravanger or Burner.Moderna-Anredom=Cultural Hybridity

Twitter user @hitman29563 stated that “Evil always tells you what they will do to you,” while referring to Pfizer.

Pfizer = rezitfp in Hebrew means god of the plague and underworld wearing a tall pointed goats head Evil always tells you what they will do to you

Controversial politician Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene seemed to have misinformed her followers by stating that “The Grammy’s featured Sam Smith’s demonic performance and was sponsored by Pfizer" as well.

The Grammy’s featured Sam Smith’s demonic performance and was sponsored by Pfizer.And the Satanic Church now has an abortion clinic in NM that requires its patients to perform a satanic ritual before services.American Christians need to get to work.

Several netizens continued to slam the pharmaceutical company online:

Of COURSE the big sponsor for the grammys was Pfizer
Diabolical pure evil Grammys by Pfizer, what fools
The satanic Grammys sponsored by Pfizer ( all in plain sight ) unbelievable- as the sheep clap and cheer 🤦‍♀️
Sam Smith has a SATANIC Grammys performance & it’s sponsored by Pfizer You can’t make this stuff up

Strangely, they were not listed as an official partner in this year’s Grammys. However, as mentioned priorly, they confirmed that they were.

Kim Petras becomes the first openly transgender woman to win a Grammy award

Despite her performance being a topic of concern online, Petras made history on the awards night. The German-born singer, who featured on Sam Smith’s Unholy song became the first openly transgender woman to win a Grammy.

Petras and Smith won an award for best pop duo/group performance at the 2023 Grammys.

A moment in history ❤️ @kimpetras GRAMMYs 2023 wearing custom @MaisonValentino by Pierpaolo Piccioli #grammys

During her acceptance speech, Kim Petras said:

“Sam graciously wanted me to accept this award because I’m the first transgender woman to win. Sam, you are a true angel and hero in my life. I love you.”

Petras continued to gush about Smith during the awards night’s interviews.

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