Park Bo Gum's military discharge date has been announced, and fans can't hold back their excitement

The beloved star plays the keyboard for the Navy band. (Image via Allkpop)
The beloved star plays the keyboard for the Navy band. (Image via Allkpop)

Ever since Park Bo Gum left for compulsory military service, fans have been holding their breath for their favorite artist's discharge and now, the day has finally been announced.

In South Korea, all Korean men between the ages of 18 and 28 are required to serve in the military for approximately two years. While the South Korean parliament passed a bill in December of last year allowing all K-pop stars to postpone military service until they reach the age of 30, very few people are exempt from this. Every year several idols and actors join the service, much to the dismay of their fans.

The Reply 1988 star had joined the Navy as part of his mandatory military service back on August 31, 2020. The actor was part of the military band due to his outstanding musical abilities. Fans of Park Bo Gum can’t wait to see his return as his service is soon coming to a close.

Park Bo Gum might be out of the military by March 2022

A member of staff in the military has confirmed that Park Bo Gum will be officially discharged from military duties on April 30, 2022.

#ParkBoGum looks so good in his military uniform 😍

While that is the official date of discharge, the actor might be able to get out of the military base earlier due to covid protocols and social distancing measures. Army members can get discharged without making a return to the base, if they happen to be on leave up until the discharge date. Thus, Park Bo Gum, who reportedly has over a month's worth of unused leave stored, could potentially get out as early as March.

Fans of the actor-singer can't get enough of this news. While in the Navy, Park Bo Gum made it a point to keep in touch with his fans, through promotional videos and military band performances, where he plays the keyboard.


According to reports, the actor was even promoted to the position of Sergeant in the Navy, on November 1.

Six months before of his discharge, Park Bo Gum performed at the Navy's National Music Concert on October 27. The Record of Youth actor was the MC for this event.


Several photos of the Hallyu star were shared by the online community, and fans could not stop gushing over how dashing Park Bo Gum looked in his Navy Uniform and military regulation haircut. The creator of the post stated that Park Bo Gum will be discharged from the military in six more months.

@BOGUMMY My man in black 😍Handsome with uniform πŸ₯°Your smile melts me 😘26.10.2021 Korea Navy National Concert in Jeju (MC Park Bo Gum)#ParkBoGum #박보검 #CrdPhotoOwner
I still remember I was screaming in my heart while watching this live, he looks insanely, crazily handsome in that uniform! I really can't wait for 26 Oct, hope that the concert will be streamed live! πŸ₯²@BOGUMMY πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ #박보검 #ParkBoGum #BOGUMMYVideo cr: @great_park616 πŸ™πŸ»
@Koreaboo Oppa miss you so much 😍😍
anyway one day closer to mr park bo gum discharge day 🀠
Yeorobun, πŸ™ this happens!"However, it is expected that he will be discharged around March at the earliest if he uses his leave before discharge. #ParkBoGum is known to have more than 1 month of vacation leave left while currently serving."πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€…

Park Bo Gum had last appeared in the 2020 tVn drama Record of Youth, where the versatile actor had played the aspiring actor Sa Hye-jun. Fans can’t wait for the actor to make a comeback as they wait with bated breath.

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