Park Bo-yeon denies, ASTRO’s Rocky confirms dating reports

ASTRO's Rocky confirms being in a relationship with former co-star Park Bo-yeon (Images via Instagram/p_rocky and HanCinema)

In a surprising twist that has now become a meme, ASTRO Rocky's agency, Fantagio, confirmed his dating rumors with former co-star Park Bo-yeon. The reason the dating news has turned funny for netizens is because hours before Fantagio’s confirmation, the actress’ agency, Management KOO, denied the rumors.

On October 31, 2022, ASTRO’s agency gave a statement to Sports Seoul confirming that he has been dating Park Bo-yeon.

“Hello, this is Fantagio. This is an official statement regarding our agency artist Rocky. As revealed through news reports, Rocky and Cheer Up actress Park Bo-yeon are currently getting to know each other with positive feelings."

They also added details, sharing that the duo first met on the set of the 2021 series, Find Me If You Can. It was also revealed that the actress worked with Rocky on his music production.

“The two first met through the [web drama] ‘Find Me If You Can,’ and they naturally became close as actress Park Bo-yeon, who enjoys writing, naturally participated in Rocky’s music production. After spending time as acquaintances, they recently developed positive feelings for each other.”
since boyeon became an actress, this was the first time she got her food truck and it was from her own boyfriend, rocky became boyeon's number one support system, rocky became everyone's role model boyfriend, all men should be like rocky🥹

Fantagio asked for fans’ support and understanding for posting the statement at the time of national mourning, with regards to the Itaewon tragedy.

“We regret to deliver news like this during a national period of mourning in which we should be sharing sadness and consolation. As a result, we ask for the generous understanding of fans regarding the late statement.”

Cheer Up actress Park Bo-yeon’s agency denies dating rumors hours before Rocky's agency confirms it


Rumors about actress Park Bo-yeon (28) dating ASTRO’s Rocky (23) spread online recently. It arose after people spotted the actress at the K-pop idol’s musical Three Musketeers on October 30. Netizens dug up more information. It was then discovered that she co-wrote and narrated the ASTRO member’s solo song titled S#1.

To stop the spread of the so-called dating rumors, Park Bo-yeon’s agency Management KOO stated that the duo were only close acquaintances:

“We checked [these rumors], and Rocky is just a close acquaintance who she worked with on ‘Find Me If You Can.'”

However, a few hours after Management KOO’s statement, Fantagio put forward their official notice. The agency informed fans that the two had indeed “developed with positive feelings,” which is a phrase used to confirm official relationship announcements.

Netizens praise Rocky for publicly confirming relationship

do u understand how happy i feel that instead of denying, rocky confirmed that they r dating 😞 he trusts that his fans would support him in whatever decision he makes and im just SO HAPPY ☹️

Fans on Twitter praised the ASTRO member for being courageous and trusting his loyal fandom to stay by his side by confirming his relationship with Park Bo-yeon. K-pop idols dating is still considered taboo, due to the extreme criticism. However, as the Korean entertainment industry goes global, things are changing in terms of dating rules for idols too.

A major part about revealing one’s relationship to the public is the fear of backlash. But Rocky’s decision has ignited greater support, respect, and love for him from his fans. Take a look at the comments below:

Remember how few idols come out publicly with their relationships because of potential backlash from fans.For Rocky to speak out is not only incredibly brave, it’s testament to his amazing character wanting to defend himself, his partner and their love. We stan the right guy.
That confirmation (despite being denied by other side) is so manly, a real gentleman indeed. Stay happy Rocky, we're always here cheering for you. 🫶
and the fact that he confirmed it means he’s ready to fight for what they have instead of keeping it secret IM JUST 😭 GOD I LOVE ROCKY SO MUCH
so proud of rocky for choosing to let his happiness be known to the world bc esp in their industry it isn’t easy to do that 🥺 i just hope we all celebrate his happiness together and be happy for him too 🥹🫶🏼
my tl literally FULL of people congratulated rocky for this good news i SAW NO ONE against it imagine being that one of the fandom who broke the norms of idols can’t date and happy for them as always. real fans indeed 🥺

Meanwhile, Park Bo-yeon is currently seen in SBS’ drama Cheer Up.

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